Our video portfolio on YouTube and Vimeo has been made private at the moment as we are sorting out our creative commons license for the music that we use. We will resume uploading our videos once we are able to work with labels that allow us to upload our videos with their music.

In the meantime, please contact us directly to view our works.

Many thanks.

[UPDATE 11/9/12] We’re buying up as much music licenses as possible, and will be able to build up our video portfolio again. Do give us some time, we thank you for your patience!

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A Journey of Inseparable Love from Chris Ling Photographers on Vimeo.

Trevor and Christine were naturals being in front of the camera. We have rarely take the reigns in directing couples when it comes to videos, because it is easier to direct them as models rather then actors. Then there are a few that are stars in their own right, who are able to not appear contrived. I wonder how many more couples we would have like Trevor and Christine, would you be up for the challenge? Although, if it is not your cup of tea, this walking around and pretending, then it’s back to our signature naturalistic filming.

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Bangkok – Fashion Editorial by Chris Ling Intl from Chris Ling Photographers on Vimeo.

Bangkok has it’s own beauty doesn’t it? It’s quite an acquired taste, but once you acquire it, you’ll fall in love with the grit and the grey. Shopping, food, parties, people, many of my friends swear by the flavors of Thailand. It’s just different, they say, and it’s addictive. Except for the traffic.


Our team decided, why not. With two clients in tow, one being LeGrand Wedding for their latest fashion editorial, and the other Mr Lau and Ms Cho from Hong Kong, off we go to Bangkok for a shoot.


Mr Lau and Ms Cho had a fabulous time. Eat, shoot, shop, play, party.

The gowns from LeGrand, on the other hand, got lost. Yes, $15,000 worth of lost luggage. So here I was in Singapore, receiving calls from my team in Bangkok, followed by calls from Chris who was then in Hong Kong, all frantic about the gowns. How could the luggage handlers loose a very visible black bag spanning 6 feet (1.8 meters)? For every day the gowns didn’t arrive meant increased expenditure in accommodating the team, and after much arguments with the airline (whose only help was pushing the blame to the luggage handlers), we had to accept that there was nothing to do but wait. The happy ending after 2 days of being flustered was that the gowns did arrive. The relief was relished.

So here’s to Bangkok, the city that insists not to be forgotten. And here’s to another happy ending, Mr Lau and Ms Cho:

Bangkok: Wedding Portraits from Chris Ling Photographers on Vimeo.

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– Singapore Studio –

We had covered LeGrand Wedding’s newest gown collection of the season, proposing a behind-the-scenes backstage feel for their fashion editorial. This was also done to commemorate our recent addition, a new makeup area. What you see, the bright lights and big mirrors, would be the area for our clients to prep for their shoots, be it pre-wedding or portrait photography. One thing we didn’t bank on was the heat from the lights, and this was rectified by dedicating an air conditioning unit specially for the area.

We’re pretty pleased with the results, and hope you would like it too.

The rest of the images can be viewed on our Facebook album here.

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There are a few milestones in life that one tends not to forget, and graduating is one of them. Most can recall the day their secondary and tertiary exam results were out, and some can even remember all the details from their primary school leaving examinations.

College is one experience everyone would recall well. There will be days where students seem to see no end in research and assignments, and pre-examination cramming over countless coffee refills was quite the norm. The funny bit would be you telling yourself, ‘Get this over and done with!’, only to consider post grad studies on convocation day.

Like how I wish my wedding couples, I can also say to graduates. The journey forward holds endless possibilities, and for today you only need to focus on enjoying the moment that you’ll innately remember. And who says graduation shots are all stiff and stuffy? If you want a riot of a photography session, we’ll be waiting for your call.

The Chris Ling team will be at the NTU Convocation Fair from July 25th to August 1st 2011.



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We did a little side project on top of our weddings to commemorate the Tanjong Pagar Railway Station in Singapore. It had been in operation for 80 years, and it is a really old and dusty station. Old, dusty, crumbling paint, holes in the floor and anything else you can think of that reminds you of the past, and that is the recipe for heritage sites.

Another train station video? Yes, we know, everyone swamped to shoot the train station on the last operating day, and Vimeo has been flooded with videos of the station. Not to mention quadruple the number of photo albums dedicated to the station no one really took a second glance at before. But we couldn’t resist. Alvin had the urge to produce his emo version of grand dames previously forgotten, and he did so at 7am in the morning before the crowd sets in.

If the future, we hope to produce more shorts wedding or non-wedding related. It helps deter against a stagnation of creativity. Unfortunately, adding sideline workloads on top of our client’s videos may prove a little tricky, and rather insane, but crazy is good. It keeps us on our toes.

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Terry and Cindy are our couple from our Hong Kong branch, they signed up our Singapore package during one of our Hong Kong fairs. Funny couple, it was thoroughly enjoyable going out with them. Instead of us entertaining them, they made us laugh oh so many times.

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The last installment from our Ubin trip. Kelly nearly had a heat stoke under the sometimes punishing Singapore humidity, but all is well in the end and I believe they did enjoy themselves immensely. At least they told me so.

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Kelly & Reuben, our photogenic couple for 2010, was finally able to fly down from Hong Kong to get their pre-wedding photography done. Here’s a trailer of their delightful trip to Ubin.



We’ll be posting the remainder on our pages after polling day (Singapore’s General Elections) on 7th May.

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The last installment in recording our time with Ronald and Widyana. You can view our YouTube alternate here, and the rest of their still images can be viewed on our FB album here.





Ronald, it’s good to see your matches aren’t limited to the badminton courts. Widyana’s definitely a keeper, stay happy you two.


With congratulations,



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