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The invitation card above was provided for by the Grand Hyatt.

Customized wax seal stamps are a beautiful touch to your invite, but do note the more guests you have, the more tired your hand would be stamping hundreds of invites. There are many ways to custom your own, one need not stick to the hard and fast rules of monograms. Of course, you would have to provide an exact idea to the seal stamp maker, and they can lay out the design for you. You can google ‘rubber stamp maker’ and find a few in the market, or if, like me, you find it tiresome to get a variety of quotations, I went straight to M W Rubber Stamp Maker in Rochor, Singapore. Seal stamps cost about $60 for the smallest size (as shown above).

Wax seal sticks would have to be bought separately. The stamp maker can order wax sticks for you, and when you enquire how many seals can one stick make, they would never give you a straight answer. It would depend on how much wax you would like to use, or if you make mistakes; even getting a ball park figure from them is more tedious then unicycling uphill. Unfortunately, or fortunately, there was a shortage of wax sticks in Singapore, and my videographer Alvin led me to a blog shop that sold them. Katrina Alana sells gorgeous items, and wax sticks of many colours. You’d be spoiled for choice.

From my experience, a small wax stick from her stock can be stamped 8 to 12 times, and using more wax will produce a better effect. I bought 10 sets of 2 wax sticks each, in total 20. After sealing about 75 envelopes with quite a good dollop of wax (and some that had to be re-done), I still have about 6 sticks remaining. Here’s a YouTube video on how to use wax seals.

Invitation card inserts
: If you have booked a banquet with a hotel in Singapore, they would give you the invitation cards, but you would have to print the inserts. Traditionally, one can use a light weight paper to print English and Mandarin translations of the wordings. Feel free to play around with your inserts, try different materials, textures, and grammage; and you can indeed customise each card to the name of your guest. This service would of course cost quite a bit more. Do look for Album Stories if you aren’t sure which printers offer insert customisations. Depending on the paper and the size, it should cost around $1 to $3 per insert. Don’t take my word for it though and do get a proper quotation from them.



Custom insert – Banquet:


Custom insert – After party:


Custom insert – Back:


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Wedding invitation cards need not follow a standard template all the time. Jake and Hallie passed to their friends a more informal version, suited to their personalities.


The layout on the front, with the imagery, was done by our studio; but the typography (and what gorgeous typography) were provided by them. Have them printed on premium paper and your recipients will undoubtedly be impressed.

Here are some wedding invitations we had done for our previous couples.




The possibilities are endless.

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Xiuling and Chek Chai had a pastel themed carnival wedding the past Sunday at the Fullerton, and I had the privilege of attending their dinner. It was truly a wedding to remember, with an abundance of memorabilia for myself to keep.


The fun started during the cocktail reception, and like a primary school girl, I squealed in delight at the amount of activities I could engage ourselves in. There was a candy floss machine and a popcorn stand! Candy floss will always me of the days when I was only as tall as the machine, and I had to tip toe to collect the candy floss from the candy floss maker. The sweets did not stop there, laid out on tables were pastel candies and biscuits that you can “tapao” (pack home) in their paper bags provided. Down to the finer details, each bag was printed with their silhouettes and logo.


Their canvas displays were unconventional, going with beautiful typographical designs of when they met and how it all started. Amidst these enlargements, there was also a blank canvas with a figure drawing of the couple at the bottom. The idea was for guests to finger print the top half with a multitude of colours, these would create the balloons above their heads. Guests can release their own creativity and select from a number of pastel coloured inks to help paint on the balloons with their biographical signature. Brilliant!


For guest books, Xiuling personally created scrapbooks of pastel blues and pinks. She is definitely one who never neglects details, her craft work was superb! Many coloured markers and inks were provided, and as always guests were encouraged to go crazy with their designs.

Xiuling and Chek Chai also had an instant print photo booth, and true to their pastel themed wedding, the backdrop was pin stripes of blue and white. There were a multitude of props, from goofy glasses to pirate hats, I chose the hearts:


And just how detailed were they? Even the door gifts were individually wrapped and signed off.


This was truly an amazing wedding. To Xiuling and Chek Chai, thank you so much for letting me partake in the joy of your wedding! The fun did not end at the cocktail reception, and my belly was  pampered like a queen’s banquet. Last but not least, kudos to the sand animation of your history together, another brilliant idea!

All in all, I remain very impressed that Xiuling executed these ideas, including implementing the decor, without the help of a planner. I still wonder how she managed to juggle her work, and at the same time plan out such a wonderful night for the guests to enjoy.

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