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Rumour has it that the prices of roses went up by 60% for this year’s Valentine’s. We are referring to Valentine’s day roses, which means it is 60% on top of the double from regular priced roses bought on February 14th. If your other half has bought you flowers, better give them a gargantuan hug worth 260% as compared to other days.

Still, flowers are a quintessential part for weddings, and today would be a good time to share the beautiful bouquets we have captured. Pricing on gorgeous floras could range between nothing at all from all inclusive bridal packages, to easily a five digit sum that adorns the entire venue. Hand bouquets alone would cost between $200 to $500, and I know of a florist who sold one of his creations at $1200.

If you have the creative streak, you could do what Valerie did and create your own hand bouquet. QED if you have magic fingers, but definitely not QED with my own hands.

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She has since received requests to create wedding details for other people, and you can follow her other creations on her Instagram account: @Primandpastel

Here are some other of our favourite bouquets we captured during the past year, and I hope you’ll find these inspiring for your own flower power. Happy Valentine’s!

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Flowers, the quintessential wedding accessory. Spending five digit figures decorating your ballroom is not unheard of, we have had a few clients who revealed their flora bill to us when we remarked how gorgeously decorated their banquet was.

Since most of the hotel banquet halls do provide a certain amount of decoration, some abundant and some minimal, most of us can pretty much focus on the flowers in our hair and in the wedding hand bouquet we clasp. A few years back, I discovered (with thanks to Kenji from Silhouette the Atelier) a quaint little shop called By The Branch at China Square, Singapore. Angela runs the place, and she’s a master at whimsical feats of nature in a bundle. It is all very bespoke, very personalised, and very affordable.

The up market bouquets range from about $300 to $500, lavished with exotic flowers flown first class. The more competitive ones use regionally or locally grown flora, with templates of their creations for you to select. These cost anywhere between $80 to $150. The lowest of the cost would of course be buying your own roses from the market florist and bundling them up with tape and ribbon (preferably sateen), home made bouquets need only cost $25 to $30.

As always, weddings are all about personal preferences. The couple’s personality will shine out in the details they chose, and some of my couples fell in love with Angela’s creations. Fairy tales of flowers bunched up together with a sprinkling of star dust. Not in the literal sense of course, but it is how I would describe her work. Simply let her know what your budget is ($150 to $300, upmarket flowers without the upmarket price tag), what flowers you fancy (providing pictures would help greatly), if you’d like pearls, crystals, or other decorations with it, and voilà, she’ll create one for you.

I had recently gotten married to a wonderful man, and I would like to share the details of my wedding with you in the upcoming posts. I would be covering my wedding invites, my gown coutures, and the hotel banquet amongst others.

For my wedding flowers:
It was white orchids for me, my favourite, and Angela added hydrangeas, a second favourite. I, like my husband, are more minimalist in nature, therefore I did not request for any ornaments on the bouquet. Needless to say, I was ecstatic about my floral hand bouquet and I couldn’t stop cradling them.



Photo credit: Alvin, from our video department, took occasions away from recording my wedding and happily snapped some shots for me.

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