Christmas is coming and we have set up a Christmas setting in our studio!

To celebrate this festive season, we have an awesome package for everyone. Each package has been designed to include a selection of photographs for you to keep, and even to give out to friends & family as Christmas greetings.

For $288, it includes an hour in the studio for up to 6 people. It comes with all soft copy and a 8R table top. It is suitable for individuals, couples, friends or family!

– 1 hour studio photography session
– All images returned in high resolution soft copies
– 1 free 8R table top photo frame (worth $150)
– For not more the 6 pax

Optionals –
Additional hour: $288/hr
Additional pax: $50/pax
Makeup and hair stylist service: $150

Email us for quick reservation.

Happy holidays everyone!

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The studio is buzzing again with some settings being updated. We’re quite excited to shoot with the new arrivals, but of course our popular “in-demand” environments will be retained.









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It’s another season and we’re revamping some settings in our Singapore studio. We’ll keep you posted once the images are out!

01 02 03 04






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We had a fantastic time during the launch of our new studio over the weekend, it was simply delightful to have our working partners join us. To our boutique partners, Amanda Lee, Dang Bridal, Divine Couture, Silhouette, and Silverlining, thank you for your support throughout these years. A special note to LeGrand Wedding and ZWedding, the flower stand was simply gorgeous, thank you very much for the generosity you have shown us.


We had a small lunch reception for our invited partners and guests and used De Calla for the catering. I must say their food was simply delicious, and most importantly it was fresh. None of that stale, dry, texture I had experienced with some other caterers. They serve Hong Kong cantonese cuisines and local foods; some of their signature dishes include Bi Feng Tang Fried Rice, Shark Fin Soup with Crabmeat, Prawn Ball with Wasabi Salad Cream, and Braised Beef Brisket. So if you’re in need of a caterer, do browse through their menu at We’re happy to have involve them with our open house, and for the next weekend they are giving away $50 catering vouchers to our studio launch attendees.



We are continuing our studio open house promotional packages this coming weekend of 10th and 11th November, and it is still not too late to drop us a visit. Pardon me if we sound like a nag, but do remember to RSVP via our Perfect Weddings Portal with your desired time of arrival.




We shall end off thanking LeGrand and ZWedding once again for bringing their gowns and their designers over to our new studio. Our couples who had yet to decide which boutique they would don for their wedding had a chance to try out wedding gowns. It was a wonderful experience for them. They will also be attending this coming weekend.



To our guests who joined us on the first weekend of our launch, the Chris Ling team thank you for letting us partake in your nuptials! To future guests coming by the second weekend, we are definitely looking forward to and attending to you.


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On top of setting up an overseas studio (which we did with our Hong Kong branch), it had always been Chris’ dream to own the biggest pre-wedding photography studio in Singapore. After many years, that dream has now been fulfilled. It started with countless months of waiting for the ideal location to be made available, and we found it in a very modern office/industrial estate close enough to Singapore’s central. Location is undeniably important; after all, it wouldn’t be ideal to make our couples travel all the way to a smog laden corner of Singapore just to save on rental.

Close to 5000 sq ft, the three units we are occupying contain an abundance of natural light that cascades in from the glass windows. This creates the ideal condition for a soft imagery. On top of the perfect lighting condition, the large floor space allowed us to create a variety of themed rooms. There are now so many concepts available that our couples can easily spend an entire day in our studio.

It isn’t easy setting up a studio with this many settings. Interiors may look beautiful superficially, but from the photographer’s lens there are other factors to consider when creating a good photo. Lighting, angles, and whether there is enough space to frame up the photo, these often overlooked details are the difference between simply creating an aesthetically pleasing space to building up a conducive photography environment. After weeks of planning and preparation, shifting and shooting, and overworked limbs, we have finally created for ourselves, and for our couples too of course, a photographer’s playground. No detail was left out; every little touch contributes to a more dynamic photo. Here is one of our rooms, a pub setting we have created:


The wine bottles were kindly provided by wine bar Que Pasa (located at 7 Emerald Hill, under the Emerald Hill Group of Pubs), and we’d like to give them a big shout out for supporting our endeavors all these years.

We will be planning for a Chris Ling Studio open house some time end October or early November. If you’re on our Chris Ling Privilege mailing list, you would get first hand information once we confirm the details. After which, we’ll release the official event posting to the public through our Facebook page.

We leave you now with some of the details that went into just one of our setting:


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With all the paint work done, partitions constructed, and decors in place, our new Singapore studio in Midview City (Sin Ming Lane), is now completed. Our amazing team had put in many hours of blood and sweat remodeling the interior to create a powerhouse of creative visuals. With a growing demand of pre-wedding photography, it is only a natural transition that we take over half the 7th floor of Midview City for purely our photography endeavors. Lights, cameras, and action indeed; more capital had to be invested in purchasing additional lighting equipment. The pièce de résistance, floor to ceiling windows letting in glorious sunlight.

Our Orchard studio shall remain as a gallery. For couples who had taken their photographs in our rustic Emerald Hill house, you’d be delighted to know that your album can be considered ‘limited edition’ henceforth!

We shall post up images from the new studio soon, do watch this space.

Directions to our Midview City studio:

22 Sin Ming Lane
Midview City
Singapore 573969

Google Maps –
Street Directory –


Photo credit: Midview City

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We are happy to present to you months of coffee pumped creative brain sizzling and thereafter renovation coordination. Suffice to say, our new studio in Hong Kong is big, and its aim would be to bring the best of every Facebook-liked imagery, like an unintentional survey of sorts. We have created cheeky, vibrant, glamorous, mood, and bold fashion settings amongst others. To summarise, you can be the girl next door who models in high profile fashion magazines, it is all on the same floor. Chris is also excited that we have the luxury of windows to let in natural lighting.

With a new studio comes a new launch, to which we will be featuring studio photography promotions. We will be participating in the Hong Kong fair from 16th December to 18th December 2011, do visit us for more details. We look forward to chatting with you!






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We have completed the renovations of our move to a bigger studio in Hong Kong, and our team had just came back from shooting Hong Kong’s photogenic couples at the freshly constructed settings.

Some were replicates of our Singapore studio so that our Hong Kong couples would no longer need to fly into Singapore to experience our studio photography.






Some behind the scenes above, and we’ll get the post produced images and videos posted once we have finished compiling them.

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We have secured a new studio in Hong Kong. And, it will be bigger, measuring at 3000 sq ft.

From our old Sha Tin address, we’re moving to the 22nd floor of Park Building on Castle Peak Road, and the move will be completed at the end of September. Our contact numbers remain the same, so feel free to drop us a line with the same digits.



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Studio photography has not been receiving more credit then it deserves, and his studio is something Chris is rather passionate about. Understandably so since he started his started his company from his 2 storey (now 3 storey) house. It holds many memories, and have seen enough midnight oils burnt to sustain the fuel consumption for a small nation. This studio saw many couples wed, and countless delightful expressions of love and joy, and I do hope it bears memories for all our husbands- and wives-to-be. In fact, we would like to keep studio photography alive so much so that our couples can re-live their memories on all their anniversaries.

Here’s a little article on the studio photography (link here) describing how money can buy equipment, but it can’t buy the craft of lighting. It was because of Chris’ bold move to provide directional and ambient lighting in the 90s, versus the harsh frontal lighting commonly seen in many studios then, that successfully set him apart from the others. It was also during a time where it was assumed such experimentation on wedding portraits were frowned upon, but the assumptions remained assumptions, and they were unfounded. Which is a good thing.

Consider yourself being on the set of a fashion shoot. It would be an interesting experience indeed, especially since all the brain juices and manual labour required in setting up a one-of-a-kind studio in Singapore have already been borne by us.

Facebook album links: Matthew and Huifen, Clarence and Joanne


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