Today, I received a message from one of my previous staff. She asked me if I was working with this bridal boutique (who I shall not name) because they had claimed their photographers are from Chris Ling.

To clarify, we only do ala-carte packages directly with couples. For packages which include gowns and other services, our exclusive collaborator is Z Wedding. We do not work with other all in one bridal studios, nor do we provide them with our photographers.

Due to the competitive nature of these all in one bridal studios or boutiques, they tend to make any claim just to close the deal. The good thing I see in all these underhanded tactics is that I’m flattered they actually need to name drop my studio to close deals!

I’d like to take this opportunity to highlight that we are popular in the market because of our unique shooting style and our dynamic indoor photography studio. Most importantly, I have established Chris Ling Photography as the effort of not just one photographer (even not just me), but the combination of a whole team. Our stylists, gown designers, photographers, photography consultants, and digital artists work hand in hand like clockwork to complete a concept album. This is the team we took many years to build. I am so proud that we can produce a quality second to none.

For clients and couples who have doubts on whether we are the photographers to your package, please email us at to check.

Last but not least, I would like to thank everyone, our clients and our couples, for all your support!

– Chris
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Chris may be known for his wedding photography, but the man may have his sights set on something beyond his known forte ー bridal.

We established ourselves as a high-end wedding photography studio and have been co-operating with a locally renowned bridal design team, led by Joey Ling of Z Wedding, for 10 years and counting. As part of a strategic partnership, Chris offered his photography expertise to a new demographic of customers.

That partnership resulted in the launch of the Z Wedding bridal package, with a professional and innovative combination of gown designers & photographers. This dual combination became one of our strongest selling points.

When our team asked Chris about what else could be expected from the partnership, Chris revealed that when it came to bridal bundle deals, our “more-the-merrier” extras are added value and high quality. It doesn’t mean we will give extra items that, more often then not, customers actually do not need.

“It gets a bit confidential, but I will give you a hint of our future. Just ask yourself this question: Are the current standards offered by other boutiques good enough for you?” Chris says.

From the partnership with Z Wedding, what Chris saw was a revolution in the wedding market.

Where the first bridal revolution saw package items being replaced by quality service from a dedicated team of artistic photographers, the second involved an all inclusive high end studio with professional equipment being adopted as the standard. Chris further explained, “We have set the standard in the wedding industry.”

With that in mind, the next big thing for Chris Ling + Z Wedding could be in a sector in which it doesn’t traditionally operate.

“We are not sure whether the company can do this… But our personal dream is to be a true bridal boutique.” Chris said.

Chris’ definition for his “true bridal boutique” dream: Almost every one-stop bridal shop is selling in-the-moment photography, but this is actually wrong. Chris Ling is about how a couple’s wedding images are carefully planned, crafted, and created. It isn’t just going out and capturing whatever happens; that is haphazard. A lot of planning goes into the images that are natural and graceful.

“I guarantee that if you are not a professional model, and I put you in front of a camera, you will be camera shy. How are we able to achieve candid shots if the couple is nervous and lost?” Chris adds. On top of giving proper directions, we always engage our couples so that they feel comfortable.

Many one stop bridal shop owners do not have the know how to execute indoor photography. You can use money to build the biggest studio, have the most elaborate settings, and the most branded equipment, but money cannot buy over 20 years of dedicated photography expertise and experience. What would be the point of spending so much money if you do not know how to use it properly?

“The modern couples nowadays are no longer looking for the most quantity at the lowest price; they are looking for quality. They want to know who you are, and I will make sure they know me.” Chris concludes!

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It’s been a good 10 years, how time flies! Our couples have themselves gone on to celebrate many anniversaries. There were an instance when Chris’ couple from the 90s had children, and their daughter, all grown up, signed on with Chris for our Z Wedding collaboration! It was a such a momentous occasion.

Speaking of momentous occasions, please do join us for our anniversary party at FOO’D! Do find all the details from Z Wedding’s blog copied below.

Z Wedding’s 10th Anniversary at FOO’D It had been 10 wonderful years of collaboration between Z Wedding and Chris Ling International Photographers as we served many blissful couples on the biggest moment of their lives! It all begun when Z Wedding and Chris Ling International Photographers spotted a missing link in the bridal industry and strove to work towards filling the gap. Other than ensuring consistency between a portfolio and the actual results, we also understand the need of our clients. Photography is after all not just an item to be ticked off your wedding checklist, it also requires a certain skill and knowledge on what to expect from photographers – in this case the team is lead by Chris Ling himself, thus ensuring a high standard of quality to our customers.

As for Z Wedding ourselves, we’ve always pride ourselves in designing gowns to flatter different silhouettes. Be it the occasion (pre-wedding or actual day, indoor or outdoor shoot), the theme required for your banquet, or even tips to hide your “flaws” while flattering your curves. Brides can always count on us to advice on what suits you best. Together, we created a value no other can match; thus resulting in 10 years of successful collaboration that we can’t wait to share with everyone!

Z Wedding’s 10th Anniversary at FOO’D To all brides-to-be, it’s time to mark your calendars and bring your better halves along~ Organised by Z Wedding and Chris Ling International Photographers, we are so stoked to invite you to our first ever Wedding Party at FOO’D by Davide Oldani to celebrate this major milestone! Read on to find out what we have in store for you!

Z Wedding’s 10th Anniversary at FOO’D Why FOO’D by Davide Oldani? An elegant restaurant located within the iconic Victoria Theatre & Concert Hall, FOO’D by Davide Oldani presents creative and boundary-pushing modern European dishes led by executive chef, Simone Depalmas, whom previously helmed at Alkaff Mansion. One can also enjoy “drink”, a cocktail bar located within the premises of FOO’D, manned by award-winning bartender, Mike Cheong.

What we love about the restaurant is how perfect the grandeur ambience would be for ROM and/or small scale weddings! The main dining hall can take up to 150 seated guests, and its al-fresco area can take up to 80 seated guests. With a large video wall in the main dining hall, videos can be screened for couples who wish to share video snippets with their guests. A stage and rostrum are also available upon request. FOO’D by Davide Oldani has a dedicated team that works closely with wedding couples and wedding planners, and they are ever ready to customise both western and eastern food menu for your guests.

Z Wedding’s 10th Anniversary at FOO’D While experiencing a brand new place and menu for fine dinning, guests will also be treated to a trunk show of Z Wedding’s new bridal line! Not to worry if you have missed us our on BOWS, our gown designers and photographers will still be around for consultation as you source out this new hidden gem for pre-wedding photography.

Expect burning questions to be answered, such as:

– Tips to reading a photographer’s portfolio

– What type of gown will best suit your silhouette and your wedding’s theme

– The recommended gowns for outdoor/overseas pre-wedding shoot versus actual day gowns etc.

We are more than happy to advice and share our knowledge with you, so it’s definitely an experience not to be missed! Most importantly, we just want you to celebrate our milestone with us as we look forward to pampering you with surprises and lucky draws.

Z Wedding’s 10th Anniversary at FOO’D Of course, it’s only common for couples to be comparing packages from different vendors when browsing around, but how do you know if you’re able to get one that will cater to all your needs without being shortchanged, or given things that you do not necessarily need? Be it the perfect gowns you have been envisioning for, to the ideal professional photographer that’s able to capture not just your best angle but the loving memories of your relationship, won’t you relish the idea of having beautiful memories to look back on?

Z Wedding sets ourselves apart from the rest as we are the only in-house designer bridal boutique that’s working with a renowned professional photographer team to ensure that you’re always in good hands, with the most value for money wedding combination that gives you more than you asked for. Best of all, attendees get to enjoy a special Ala carte bundle with Chris Ling Photography available on our Wedding Party only! With our bundle, you can experience our power combo value, knowing full well who you are working with and the consistent quality to expect due to our constant communication with each other. Z Wedding’s 10th Anniversary at FOO’D.

Intrigued? Save the date and important details:

Date: 4th June, Sunday

Dress code: Smart Casual Time: 1-5pm

Venue: FOO’D by Davide Oldani

We can’t wait to see you there!

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Without a doubt, this year’s couture runway collection from our esteemed bridal partner, Z Wedding, crescendoed into another successful show. Our sponsors and collaborators worked hard to show off their talents, and everyone’s efforts paid off. It was clear from the embracing reaction of the VIPs and guests that everyone received the show positively!

The picture above is the grand finale shot from my iPhone, and this was what guests see during the show. At that very point, I was thinking of how much work had been put in just for this moment to arrive. I personally witnessed the set up and recorded the progress, and I would like these photos to tell the story behind Z Wedding Couture Runway.

In addition, I would also like to thank all the sponsors and collaborators who contributed to the Runway’s success. This show is special and it is the only one of its kind in Singapore’s bridal industry in terms of grand scale and high standards. Z Wedding has shared similar ground breaking and forward looking mind sets for us to achieve what I could only dream of before.

 3am, the night before, setting up at the Chijmes Hall.

Final touch to the paintwork.

Model briefing on show day.

 Z Wedding and Chris Ling team briefing.

Flower arrangement on the runway stage.

Catwalk sequence and positioning rehearsal.

Emcee rehearsal.

System sound check. 

Final confirmation.

Shooting video footage for behind-the-scenes. 

Model sequence chart.

Final rehearsal before make up and wearing the actual gowns.

The models.

Models’ break and dinner time!

Make up on.

The queue was formed even before official registration time.

More on our facebook album linked: here.

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The Z Wedding Couture Runway show was met with rousing success last weekend! For this season, nature was imprinted on artistic gown designs and silhouettes. Inspired by the forests of Shakespeare’s Mid Summer Nights and the secret gardens of Alice in Wonderful, this whimsical feminine look strikes a soft but powerful figure on a bride.

For those who missed out on the limited and much sought after tickets, we encourage you to visit Z Wedding’s post show reveal at their boutique this weekend, 1st and 2nd April. It’s no April’s fool, be quick and RSVP! (Event page linked here: Behold Z Wedding’s Latest Noteworthy Collection)

* * *

Here are some scenes on what you have missed from the Couture Runway

Jesseca Liu and Chris Tong gracing the event.

Creative director Joey and our very own Chris gave an opening speech.

Celebrity Dr Georgia Lee also took time off her busy schedule to address the crowd!

The beautiful gowns strutting the runway. More to come!

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In my line of work, cameras are, to state the obvious, extensions of my arms. My equipment, like my team and I, also evolved through the years. The one thing that didn’t change was our love of the printed (or digital!) visual arts.

I am currently using a few different camera systems, each with their pros and cons. To me now, a camera is just the equipment I need to take the picture I want: ISO, focus, shutter speed, aperture, etc. It is the final photo that matters! When I started photography, my dream camera was the Canon F1, with all its dials and manual control on the exterior of the camera body. I owned it 30 years ago, and I eventually sold it. I started thinking about it again and  after so many years, I began to miss that look and feel of holding a manual camera.

I eventually found the Fujifilm XT-2. It came the closest to reliving my days with my old Canon. With the new system, I kept it simple with one lens attached, 35mm F2, much like my very first set up (Canon AE-1 with 50mm F1.4 attached). Photos are all about memories, and this XT-2 somehow brought me back to those times when I first started. It reminded me about my passion for photography.

With this system, I went behind the scenes of the model casting session for Z Wedding’s upcoming bridal season launch. It is the Z Wedding Couture Runway 2017 happening on 19th March, 7pm, at the Chijmes Hall. This is a grand event for bridal fashion in Singapore,  and their Midsummer Dreams collection is set to once again wow the guests. Inspired by beautiful nature, the Z Wedding designers took the magic from Alice In Wonderland’s secret gardens and Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night forests, and recreated them through their gowns. This year, the bride will be a powerful feminine figure, a queen of the night with allure, charm, and strength!

Just as there is no one camera that fits all photographers, the gown designers know one gown can’t fit all brides. That is why they constantly come up with exciting concepts and ideas in different cuts and silhouettes to cater to different brides. It is quite an amazing process to see them in action as they meticulously hand sew their finishing details well into the night. All of us share a commonality, we are passionate about our job and our art.

Looking forward to the show!

– Chris

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Over the years, our studio’s accumulative experience with our bridal partners allow us to provide valuable information to wedding couples. We have come to fully understand the nooks and crannies of the wedding industry and how each service, contact point, or vendor work. Therefore, we are always running workshops because we feel this information should not be kept just for our couples. All wedding couples deserve the right to be aware of what to expect when they start their wedding journey.

Our aim is to educate our clients and contribute to their market research before they start their shopping. This saves them a lot of time and trouble. Gown designer and Creative Director, Joey Ling from Z Wedding Design and Le Grand Wedding, together with our head, Photographer and Director Chris Ling, will share all there is to know about gowns, beauty, styling, pre-wedding and actual day photography and video, body language on camera, and many other details that a couple might miss out.

These workshops are free upon registration at the moment, and they are currently the only such lessons available in the market. So do keep a look out for our future sessions, there will be many different topics to come.

Stay tuned!

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The Bridal Beauty was one of the many event collaborations with our boutique partner Z Wedding, but it was a first with Dr Georgia Lee and her esteemed label DrGL. Our anticipations were rewarded with another success! We would also like to venue partner, the Amara Singapore, for joining in the festivities.

Many of the brides in attendance took with them on that day in depth information on caring for their skin. Dr Lee went all out to answer issues all women, and some men too, had. Her team went so far as to bring in the equipment for brides to get a first hand experience on skin treatments without needing to book an appointment. That right there had already saved them a hefty consultation fee from the famous doctor!

The Bridal Beauty-7

Which gown would go with your now glowing skin? Z Wedding’s creative director Joey Ling was also on hand to provide details on how to choose the right wedding gown. From body shapes to gown types, she provided much needed advice on where to start when searching for that dream dress.

Last but not least, our very own Chris Ling provided insights on photography tricks and angles. He shared how he is able to create beautiful and timeless moments for your wedding album.

The Bridal Beauty-25

It was indeed a day for bridal and beauty treats. The participants wasted not a minute of their time. Hence, they went home with lucrative knowledge that ensured a stress free wedding journey with lesser worries!

Keep a look out on Z Wedding and our pages for more of such events. We will definitely be organising similar couple beneficial activities!

The Bridal Beauty-41

The Bridal Beauty-43

The Bridal Beauty-52

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Mention Dr Georgia Lee and the first association is beautiful skin. It can be said that she is Singapore’s most famous skin doctor, and her work puts her in demand with many well heeled clients. While managing her successful practice, she has also created a bespoke skin care range, DrGL, that caters to Singapore’s market. Dr Lee is one busy woman indeed.

In spite of her busy schedule, Dr Lee will be making a rare appearance to provide an informative talk on how to care for your skin. On 21st August at the beautiful Amara Singapore, an exclusive event with Dr Georgia Lee, Z Wedding, and Chris Ling Photography will be held to provide you with in depth information on all things wedding. In addition to Dr Lee, Z Wedding’s creative director Joey Ling, lifestyle influencers Alene B and Lian Meiting, and our very own Chris Ling will provide the knowledge you need to physically and psychology handle all the preparations for your big day!



Attendees will not only go home with much needed information, you will also receive a welcome gift worth up to $500 from all the participating partners. In addition, you can enjoy event day perks: personal consultation with the DrGL team, sneak peek gown preview of the latest Z Wedding collection, and free upgrades from Amara Singapore.

Sounds like a plan doesn’t it? Mark your calendars for 21st August 2016 at 12:30pm, Amara Hotel Ballroom 1 (level 2). 

Sign up here at Z Wedding’s event page – The Bridal Beauty

Read up on Dr Georgia Lee and her philosophies here: Conversations with Dr Georgia Lee


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Let’s do a throwback to the successful launch of the Z Wedding x Chijmes collaboration. It was a star studded night of fashion and glamour as the models strut down the runway in Z Wedding’s latest pieces. As the official photography and video partner of the night, we were pleased to see VIPs and guests enjoying themselves in their glitzy regalia. We were proud that a Singapore label can hold its own in the fashion industry.




Inspired by the fine details of Chijmes’ neo-gothic architecture, this collection aims to translate these key elements into bridal gowns. This architectural movement sees numerous subtle details adorned on the foundations of the building. Its key focus is bringing out the grand scale of a hall through intricate accents, rather then garish decorations. As such, Z Wedding created the Chijmes Wedding collection to emotionally connect with their brides. The play on details aims to bring out radiance, while the structural flow of the gown ensures the bride looks pristine. Like the intricate floral and bird motifs on Chijmes’ Corinthian columns, emphasis is placed on the gown’s line work and lace. The key is the meticulously hand crafted touches of embellishments on bold lace, creating a look that embodies soft femininity and glamour.

We can’t wait to see what Z Wedding comes up with next.







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