So… what cameras does Chris use?

It all started 33 years ago in 1979, his first camera:


This is his latest equipment:


And this is always in his bag:


Photographers and their cameras, there’s no such thing as too many toys.

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Our team is clocking overtime again, bustling about as the last quarter draws near.






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Details, lovely details, never fails to enhance a wedding album.

Most of the props are from our studios, but we do encourage you to bring your own should you have any. A tip on the balloons, helium ones of any colour can be purchased from party shops around Singapore. There is one in Centerpoint Shopping Center as well, near our studio in Orchard, and your darling groom would have to make a trip down to purchase them. It wouldn’t cost more then a few dollars per balloon.

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We have wrapped up the next fashion editorial for Z Wedding’s Summer collection. This series, we proposed a backdrop of a construction site that also had building materials strewn all over the place. We suspect the site was simply the backbone for a future development before major works get started. As it is, the pipes and steel are slowly creeping in to occupy more then half of what was once a lush field. We’ll miss the green expense, there are getting lesser plains in Singapore. For now, though, it makes for a perfect location to shoot this editorial.

Check out more of our behind-the-scenes photos on our Facebook album. We promise you a buffed male model without his shirt on!





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Our dearest Ernest Goh is launching another book.

The Fish Book.


Seriously. The Fish Book.

And I really like the Fish Book. In fact, like would probably be an understatement. Its whimsical nature doesn’t belie the excellent photography, and that could be why I find it so intriguing. Well, it could also simply be the fact that those fish faces made me happy!


The Fish Book will be launched on the 17th of November at Chan Hampe Galleries (27 Kreta Ayer Road), and the book exhibited until 24th November. Do delight yourself and grab a copy at $27.80.

On another note, here is a glimpse of Raymond and Miin’s wedding covered by Ernest last month.


I’ll be posting up more images onto a facebook album, but there would not be much of the couple themselves as they have requested for a certain amount of privacy.

[Update]: Images posted, do find them here.

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We did up quite a few fashion editorials for this month; many boutiques are launching their new season collection and the magazines are in turn preparing for their next quarterly or biannual issue.

The following are three videos we had done up for our August spreads and we still have one more to be published, the creme de la creme entitled Backstage. We will leave an entire post for that, it being our favorite for this season.



Le Noir is a club in Clarke Quay, Singapore, and we had attained their permission to shoot inside. Modern, chic and lush leathers are their choice of decor to calm the working world with bubbles and beer.




The Harley Davidson group in Singapore are really an energetic bunch to work with. We went to their showroom in Alexander Road to shoot men’s wear, and they were thoroughly rock and roll to be around. Maybe it’s the nature of their work, after all, it is Harley Davidson.




This decent sized skating park is located just off the beach, within the bustle of East Coast. We had quite a fair bit of younglings staring at the us, and we’re not sure if they wanted us to finish quickly so that they can start burning the concrete or if they were amused by the sight of an evening wear model in an unlikely venue.

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We’ve just finished the convocation fair at NTU Singapore which saw the largest number of graduates in their history. Was it fun? The people were. Young and old. Bachelors, Masters, PhDs. And some of them were our previous couples even. So yes, it was tiring, but enjoyable.

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There are a few milestones in life that one tends not to forget, and graduating is one of them. Most can recall the day their secondary and tertiary exam results were out, and some can even remember all the details from their primary school leaving examinations.

College is one experience everyone would recall well. There will be days where students seem to see no end in research and assignments, and pre-examination cramming over countless coffee refills was quite the norm. The funny bit would be you telling yourself, ‘Get this over and done with!’, only to consider post grad studies on convocation day.

Like how I wish my wedding couples, I can also say to graduates. The journey forward holds endless possibilities, and for today you only need to focus on enjoying the moment that you’ll innately remember. And who says graduation shots are all stiff and stuffy? If you want a riot of a photography session, we’ll be waiting for your call.

The Chris Ling team will be at the NTU Convocation Fair from July 25th to August 1st 2011.



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We’re always on the lookout for new talents and are currently interested in engaging entry level photographers and digital artists. More information on the details linked here.

Our boutique partners need new talents too, they are looking for gown designers and sales personnel. More details linked here.

We have received many applications in the past, and some are rather amusing. So much so that I actually typed out the 3 things not to do when sending in your resume or portfolio. Here, I’ll share them with you:

– If your portfolio exceeds 1mb, consider using a filehosting site (eg. and provide us with the link to download your files. Alternatively, you can also submit your web folio for us to view. Most companies appreciate that you do not send in portfolios sized 20mb or 50mb, our mail servers will reject you automatically.

– For entry level positions, a simple introduction in your email about your interest in joining us is sufficient. Cover letters are necessary for executive and top level positions, but bear it mind to keep it simple. 1000 word essays aren’t recommended as most HR personnel would just go straight to your attachment. Likewise 10 word statements like “Hi heres my resume pls call me back thx : )” does not really put a professional light on yourself.

– Always remember to leave your basic information. Name, age, contact numbers, nationality and residing address. We have received applicants who only listed their names and email addresses along with their work experience. Not knowing if you are male or female, fresh grad or experienced, local or foreign, gives us too little information on whether we can shortlist your application. Furthermore, it would appear rather abrupt to the HR personnel reading it.

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I remember Chris telling me how Singapore Bride’s Chin Leng and himself had gone a long way back. Reading Chin Leng’s first entry on his new blog about how he started one of the most frequented bridal portal in Singapore placed a personal element to the site, it was very pleasant. I also realised another thing: It’s been 11 years already. Then I counted back to when Chris embarked on his own studio in 1993, oh  my it’s been 19 years for him already.


Well, the months will continue making the years regardless of what we do, so let’s make the days as rewarding as possible.


Link: 11 Years and Counting

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