I recently went to Hoi An, Vietnam, for a little trip. Managing my studio and its business can be very tiring, and I’ll always try my best to squeeze in trips like this where I can pursue my passion. Hoi An did not disappoint. You won’t believe the brilliance of the city, and it is a brilliance that I can’t describe. Instead, you’d have to see the sites of this fishing village yourself. Located in the Central Coast area of Vietnam, it sits in the Quảng Nam Province. The beautiful yellow shades of the city is fascinating!

Running alongside the Thu Bon River is the beautifully preserved UNESCO site, an ancient town. This is the star attraction for visitors. It is as if time stopped and you are visiting the old Vietnam centuries ago.  With the recent influx of visitors comes modernisation too. Amidst the old narrow streets and hanging lanterns, there are exciting new restaurants and shops. Plenty to explore! All my shots are captured in this town because it is one of the most photogenic places in Vietnam.

The old town architecture sees a mix of French colonial, Chinese, and Japanese that is completely unique to the area. It creates a fascinating atmosphere unique to Asia. There are colonial houses of gold, yellow, and bronze. There are lanterns of red, yellow, and green. There are Chinese influenced motiffs on the roofs of other buildings. These were preserved over the years, showing characteristic signs of wear and tear, and by maintaining its original condition allows the town to take a rustic personality. Old and new, postcard worthy heritage homes come together with alongside the new generation hipster cafes. You get a glimpse of life in the olden days by visiting homes that has been converted into museums.

At night, the river turns into a cascade of black and in stark contrast the colourful lanterns get lit. These lanterns with its intricate details are also what the area is famous for. I encourage you to see it in person, stand by the river and let the colours engulf you!

It speaks to you, and I can hear the town through my lens. No wonder people rave about Hoi An! What I have captured on my lens is just a tasting portion of the city. I had a hard time deciding which images to feature because just a few isn’t enough to showcase Hoi An. I hope my recommendation will encourage you to explore our Asian neighbour. This trip gave me a good break and it refreshed my spirit.

– Chris

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Over the years, my wedding photography work allowed me to do extensive globe trotting. I have been to many countries and took the opportunity to research which areas are safe for my couples. The wonderlust never stops, and I don’t intend for it to stop.


Although my time now heavily involves training and business development for my studio, it does not mean I disregarded the travel bug. In fact, now more so then ever, my camera and I will pack light and fly off to destinations I have not explored yet. Apart from indulging in my passion for street and black & white photography, I also take these travels as research to whether it is also viable to bring wedding couples over.

For overseas wedding photography, these three things are key:

1. Safety – The last thing a happy wedding couple should worry about is whether they are in danger!
2. Convenience – Transportation within the locations should be easily arranged. Especially when heavy equipment and essential belongings are being brought out.
3. Accessibility – The terrain should not be difficult for the bride to navigate in her gown. In addition, whether the gown would get dirty easily have to be considered as well.
4. Comfort – Whether the climate is cool enough for couples, and if there are amenities available.

From the road side cafes in Rome to the tree house residences in Chang Mai, I had managed to fulfill many things on my travel bucket list. The latest adventure I had was in Bagan, an ancient city located in the Mandalay region of Myanmar. There, I traveled around on an electronic bicycle and felt no danger at all. It was a deep cultural experience with warm and welcoming people.

My journey will continue as and when I can take time off. Travel and exploration have always been a passion that I can share with my couples. Feel free to follow me on my Instagram account @chrisling50 for more images, and may you also never stop exploring!

– Chris








View more photos on our Facebook album (link here).

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Bali has always been a favourite overseas destination. The turquoise waters, white sands, blue skies, and historic temples are popular. In addition, the air ticket and lodging would not cost you an arm and a leg; it is one less headache for people on budgets who wish to incorporate a pre-wedding holiday shoot. Therefore this island destination is extremely popular.

Understanding that  many photographers would have brought you to the standard locations, we at Chris Ling decided to crack our creative brains and feature a different side of Bali. A Bali with much more to offer then temples and turtles. These creative angles of a holiday destination that sees dozens of wedding couples per sunny day is possible with a team not only compromising of our photography, but also with a wedding stylist.

For us, not worrying about how to style our brides was a load off our minds. In fact, the hardworking makeup and hair stylists at Z Wedding Design contributed their suggestions that enhanced the overall feel of the image. We couldn’t have done it without them

For our couples, an all incorporated package of imagery, gown, and styling was convenient and worry free. They received a thoroughly enjoyable shoot and stunning wedding photos.

Here is our take on beautiful Bali.

View more photos on our Facebook album: Linked here.



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A Journey of Inseparable Love from Chris Ling Photographers on Vimeo.

Trevor and Christine were naturals being in front of the camera. We have rarely take the reigns in directing couples when it comes to videos, because it is easier to direct them as models rather then actors. Then there are a few that are stars in their own right, who are able to not appear contrived. I wonder how many more couples we would have like Trevor and Christine, would you be up for the challenge? Although, if it is not your cup of tea, this walking around and pretending, then it’s back to our signature naturalistic filming.

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London, famous for it’s grey, grey, weather.

Yet, Trevor and Christine were blessed with not-so-grey skies during their stop in London, and for once we managed to see her in a more colourful light (granted, the colours were mainly from graffiti and cafe signboards). I wonder what the possibilities were for Chris, Trevor, and Christine to stumbled across some of Banksy’s graffiti.


It was the team’s first trip to UK, and in total, there were two couples who traveled to London with him. Trevor and Christine started at Paris, went on to London, and flew back to Hong Kong. Sean and Jess also did Paris and London, and they opted for a third location: Bristol. That was where they had met. After Bristol, it’s back to Singapore for the couple and the team.


More of our London photos will be uploaded after Chris has done his post production. For now, do visit Trevor and Christine’s London Facebook album.

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Chris and the team had completed their Paris trip for this year. Alvin and pre-wedding Samuel had came back from Paris first, after which Chris continued on the journey to London and Bristol. Before I share the images onto our facebook page, here are some snapshots pre-wedding Samuel had taken in this journey.

Here’s where other tourists join in the fun. Everybody’s a photographer, we’ll have to share the love:


And here’s Chris and Alvin sharing a moment:


I will be uploading the behind-the-scenes for Paris in the next few weeks, and trust me when I say it deserves its own album.

In case anyone is wondering why pre-wedding Samuel comes with a pre-wedding tag, that’s because we also have a wedding day photographer called Samuel. To avoid confusion, we call wedding day Samuel, well, “wedding day Samuel”.

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We had the privilege to cover Annie Man‘s wedding, which happened to be the first celebrity wedding of the year (Hong Kong). It was held at the Four Season’s yesterday, 2nd March, and Jason and Annie convinced Chris himself to personally step in to cover their actual day. Along with Chief Wedding Day photographer Max Yeo, and the creative from our video team, Alvin (Bernard was also supposed to attend, but he had a Singapore wedding to cover), all the big guns were flown in from Singapore for their event. Everyone working with Jason and Annie felt that it was a breeze, and their personalities simply shone through the lenses.

Jason Lee is a businessman outside the film industry, and having dated Annie for 3 years, the dashing groom popped the question last year. What’s more, they have discovered they are already expecting a little one along the way!

The whole process had the paparazzi following Jason and Annie to their bridal fitting and photoshoots, something rather unheard of in Singapore. Therefore, we found it quite amusing to see our picture frames (which we provided to our boutique partner as part of our marketing exposure) on the internet.

We would like to thank Jason and Annie for engaging us to cover the milestones in their lives, and also to give our heartiest congratulations on their double happiness.

_MG_3070 _MG_3569  A&J-WD116 A&J-WD142 A&J-WD145 A&J-WD160 A&J-WD366A&J-WD425

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It is confirmed, the team is heading of to Seoul in April.

At our last Hong Kong fair, we managed to secure the interest of a couple who wanted to have their pre-wedding portraits done in Korea. Once they were confirmed, a new promotion for Korea opened. It is always exciting to explore destinations the team has not been to.

Full details linked on our News page.


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Bangkok – Fashion Editorial by Chris Ling Intl from Chris Ling Photographers on Vimeo.

Bangkok has it’s own beauty doesn’t it? It’s quite an acquired taste, but once you acquire it, you’ll fall in love with the grit and the grey. Shopping, food, parties, people, many of my friends swear by the flavors of Thailand. It’s just different, they say, and it’s addictive. Except for the traffic.


Our team decided, why not. With two clients in tow, one being LeGrand Wedding for their latest fashion editorial, and the other Mr Lau and Ms Cho from Hong Kong, off we go to Bangkok for a shoot.


Mr Lau and Ms Cho had a fabulous time. Eat, shoot, shop, play, party.

The gowns from LeGrand, on the other hand, got lost. Yes, $15,000 worth of lost luggage. So here I was in Singapore, receiving calls from my team in Bangkok, followed by calls from Chris who was then in Hong Kong, all frantic about the gowns. How could the luggage handlers loose a very visible black bag spanning 6 feet (1.8 meters)? For every day the gowns didn’t arrive meant increased expenditure in accommodating the team, and after much arguments with the airline (whose only help was pushing the blame to the luggage handlers), we had to accept that there was nothing to do but wait. The happy ending after 2 days of being flustered was that the gowns did arrive. The relief was relished.

So here’s to Bangkok, the city that insists not to be forgotten. And here’s to another happy ending, Mr Lau and Ms Cho:

Bangkok: Wedding Portraits from Chris Ling Photographers on Vimeo.

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We have added more images to Joey and May’s Beijing album, on top of 3 works from our Hong Kong team. On another note, we’re also in Hong Kong this weekend for the wedding fair. Do drop by and visit our booth!

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