We at Chris Ling never stop creating new concepts for our pre-wedding shoot in Singapore. We want it to be always unique, and we work with our strengths in directing and story telling. While focusing on the couple’s expression and feeling, we want to bring out a natural look when we capture the images. It has become our signature and our selling point.

Recently, while my Chris Ling team was photographing a new concept, I used a “street photography” style to capture moments behind the scenes. Normally, street photography is what I practice when I go overseas to places like Hanoi (Vietnam) or Bagan (Myanmar). It is one of a kind, and through street photography I managed to record moments that couples are not aware of.

This is my personal concept which I would like to apply on pre-wedding photography. A new concept with art in mind!

– Chris

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The Z Wedding Couture Runway show was met with rousing success last weekend! For this season, nature was imprinted on artistic gown designs and silhouettes. Inspired by the forests of Shakespeare’s Mid Summer Nights and the secret gardens of Alice in Wonderful, this whimsical feminine look strikes a soft but powerful figure on a bride.

For those who missed out on the limited and much sought after tickets, we encourage you to visit Z Wedding’s post show reveal at their boutique this weekend, 1st and 2nd April. It’s no April’s fool, be quick and RSVP! (Event page linked here: Behold Z Wedding’s Latest Noteworthy Collection)

* * *

Here are some scenes on what you have missed from the Couture Runway

Jesseca Liu and Chris Tong gracing the event.

Creative director Joey and our very own Chris gave an opening speech.

Celebrity Dr Georgia Lee also took time off her busy schedule to address the crowd!

The beautiful gowns strutting the runway. More to come!

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Here at Chris Ling, we never tire to produce different concepts for our couples. This is a creative process that involves all our photographers, including Chris himself. Let’s further discuss how it is actually done so that you can have a better understanding of our foundation.

Consistency is the key to our success! It is essential that we take one day a month to gather the team and go out for a shoot. Yes indeed, everyone has to be involved so that all the photographers can familiarize themselves with new skill sets or shooting styles. In this manner, when one couple asks for a certain style, anyone in our photography team would be able to pull it off. Let it not be said that our albums are misleading, rest assured that our skilled team can produce what you see.


Prior to the fun filled shoot day, a unique concept would be brought forth through a mood board. A mood board is similar to a story board, in that we gather the different colour themes and focus points needed to create a concept album. There could be different venues featured or different story lines. Inspiration can come from our daily surroundings, or stories we hear that we would like translated onto images. Of course, online research is essential to bind everything together. The wonders of the internet!


Through this mood board, all the photographers will arm themselves with an understanding of what will be achieved. From intangibles: the feel, the emotions, the messages; to the tangibles: location, props, styling. Of course, a short cut to it all would be to explain to our team the whats and hows after the album is produced. We don’t go for short cuts, because Chris believes in hands on experience. That was how he started, and that is how he trains.



The purpose of our concept shoots not only serves as a team bonding session, it will also provide many useful references for our couples. Sparing no cost in production, these albums will be presented to our couples so that they can select the feel they like. Thereafter, our photographers can take the cue and will know how to deliver your expectations.

As we said before, consistency is king. That is why with our efforts we will ensure that we continue being leaders in the market!


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With all the advancements of technology, our daily lives are fast becoming digital. Likewise in photography, soft copies are precious because they can be kept for as long as you maintain your hard disk. What about hard copies? They question we ask is are wedding albums becoming a thing of the past? Happy to say, as much as we like to promote innovation, we are one studio who cherishes the physical feel of wedding albums.

A wedding album consists of a photographer’s vision to capture your love and a designer’s effort to bind the images into your story. They can be a classic layout of images against a plain white background or a more design intensive concept layout, the end result will be the same. We create a permanent memory for you to hold. You may not browse through the album as often after the excitement of a wedding day, but you will not regret crafting one when you flip through them during your anniversaries. Instead of turning to the computer, in which you may have difficulty recalling where the archived files are kept, grab your wedding album from the shelf and share it with your close friends, your children, or even your grandchildren. You can imagine telling the little ones, “See, this is grandpa and grandma when we got married!”.

We are old school that day. Nothing beats the feel of an album.

Take a look at some of our design laden concept albums that our team brainstormed –






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From when Chris first started in 1993, he has come to experience that photography alone is only one part of a newlywed’s wedding planning. Many other aspects come into play, and therefore he started sourcing for the best in the industry.

Our collaboration with Z Wedding was formed in 2006. It was then undergoing a new management, and their performance and customer service vastly improved. New gown designers and makeup artist were also hired. With this team, Z Wedding proved to be a formidable contender in the wedding market not only for gowns, but for an all round service. Therefore, Z Wedding, and thereafter their sister company Le Grand, formed an exclusive partnership with our studio. All Z Wedding and Le Grand couples will be photographed by us, and we will give them our fullest support at the most competitive rates.

Who Makes The Gowns?

What would a wedding day be without your wedding gown? All of us in the industry would like to say that our part of the job is the most important. To be honest, we humbly recognize that such a claim is ludicrous. It takes many hands to come together, and the gowns do make the bride.

At Z Wedding, they have three key designers. They create by taking their inspiration from three areas:

  1. Bride’s sentiments from one to one interactions.
  2. International fashion couture.
  3. Art from the very city we live in.

With a realistic view of what would be best for every bride, they produce a wide range of gowns that would suit many shapes and sizes, and every taste and personality.

The gowns are created and crafted in Singapore by their team of designers and seamstresses.




The Makeover

Makeup. Hair. Styling. What kind of accessories would go well with a bustier? Which shade of pink would go with the evening gown? Hair up, or hair down? After many shoots, we’ve noticed the worth of a good makeup artist during post-production. The better the makeup, the less the editing!

The Z Wedding/Le Grand stylists are professional and attentive. We will always recommend going as natural as possible when applying colours on your face, and that is what they do. Makeup isn’t overdone, the hairdo goes with the gown, and the styling suits the theme.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


Our Photographers

When all is in place, it is time to immortalize it in photos. Our photographers, already familiar with our partners, know how to capture the moments deserving of your wedding. They are trained to provide you with timeless classics that will not make you cringe when you view your albums again on your 10th anniversary.

With the gown and styling good to go, our photographers will have an easier time and it allows them to focus on you. This saves them the trouble of correcting a fallen eyelash, or adjusting a wayward sash. Which in turn translates to more time focused on you, the newlywed.

Do you know that all the photos that seemed uncontrived and in the moment are directed by our photographers? We fully understand that our couples are not models, and they will need every help they can get in knowing details such as which angle is the most flattering or where to place their hands.



How Are The Pre-Wedding Albums Made?

The photography process does not stop at a click of the camera. Your selected images are then sent to our graphic designers to be further edited in detail, and laid out in an album format. Again, it takes many years to train a graphic designer on how to naturally touch up an image. Too smooth makes you look like a mannequin, and yet images too raw will be rejected. No one wants a reminder of the pimple you had when you took your wedding photos!

Each image is edited and designed in a page layout. The images have to correspond with each other, so that a fluid story can unfold. We emphasize greatly on matching photos because we want your album to be a smooth transition from one page to the next, not a picture folder of slotted 4R prints that anyone can insert.

cover stephanie

The Perks of an Exclusive Collaboration

In our case, familiarity does not breed contempt. We are very happy to work with trusted partners that did not fail to deliver time after time. Hiccups are bound to occur, but we are happy to notice that they are also quickly resolved. All made possible when individuals with different skill sets work in cohesion; each respecting the other’s creative space as well as understanding their limitations.


Brand Partnerships With Other Boutiques

We still do continue our good work with our other trusted partners. Though not exclusive, we offer discounted rates to couples that have signed up with Amanda Lee Weddings, Dang Bridal, Divine Couture, and Silhouette the Atelier. These boutiques are our preferred partners, they too have proven to be reputable in the industry.



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Bali has always been a favourite overseas destination. The turquoise waters, white sands, blue skies, and historic temples are popular. In addition, the air ticket and lodging would not cost you an arm and a leg; it is one less headache for people on budgets who wish to incorporate a pre-wedding holiday shoot. Therefore this island destination is extremely popular.

Understanding that  many photographers would have brought you to the standard locations, we at Chris Ling decided to crack our creative brains and feature a different side of Bali. A Bali with much more to offer then temples and turtles. These creative angles of a holiday destination that sees dozens of wedding couples per sunny day is possible with a team not only compromising of our photography, but also with a wedding stylist.

For us, not worrying about how to style our brides was a load off our minds. In fact, the hardworking makeup and hair stylists at Z Wedding Design contributed their suggestions that enhanced the overall feel of the image. We couldn’t have done it without them

For our couples, an all incorporated package of imagery, gown, and styling was convenient and worry free. They received a thoroughly enjoyable shoot and stunning wedding photos.

Here is our take on beautiful Bali.

View more photos on our Facebook album: Linked here.



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The “It” wedding that transpired just this past weekend belongs to Tim and Sabrina.

I felt very privileged Sabrina remembered our studio all these years, and that she trusted our team and our work. She is a gorgeous lady who was not at all a bridezilla, but a very warm personality that you would automatically feel a friendship with. It may be more then a coincidence that we share a mutual friend too. Jason Wong, we must indeed all catch up again!

With Tim, a long time ago when he was at Power 98 I was managing a retail shop and would leave his show on. In fact, I remembered calling in and winning a pair of concert tickets from him. His voice accompanied me throughout my afternoon shifts, and never did I imagine I would once again meet with that familiarity. And how does he always manage to get good hair days? I have never once seen him with a less then impeccable do.

Their matrimonial ceremony was held at the beautiful Armenian Church at Hill Street, followed by a night of fun, casual dining in Brazil Churrasco on Sixth Avenue. Their formal banquet in the evening of the next day was within the sprawling greens of Singapore Island Country Club.  Not only do they have elegant tastes, they definitely know how to throw a good party too.

Here’s to many years of marital bliss, congratulations Tim and Sabrina!

We’ll be uploading more pictures from their wedding on our Facebook page soon, do keep a look out.

– Arvinna

IMG_5068 IMG_5074 IMG_5075 IMG_5092 T&S-M01  T&S-M06 T&S-M08 T&S-M11 T&S-M18 T&S-M21 T&S-M26


Facebook albums: Pre-Wedding, Wedding Day Highlights, Wedding Day Group Photos

Related media articles: Xin MSN, Yahoo Entertainment SG, Today Online


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In the course of our years, we were privileged to have couples from all over Asia who flew down to our Singapore gallery for their pre-wedding shoot. Most had found us through the internet, and for that we never fail to be appreciative of the fact that they placed so much trust in us based on our portfolios. We cannot deny that forum discussions did help as well, our team had put in immense effort to maintain a good track record of service and professionalism. If we don’t put in our 100% for every job, the forums can be an abysmal pit hole of word slinging maliciousness. Truly dangerous grounds where one sided stories manifest itself.

Yet, the exposure and positivity that can be derived from the world wide web would far outweigh risks of on-line slander. It has brought us closer to you! With one image of our lovely bride Marly (and her bear), our Facebook page took a giant leap to over 100,000 likes as of today. From the demographic reports, Jakarta “likes” us the most. Thank you Indonesian fans!

chris ling marly

We’d like to now feature some of our overseas couples:

Huang Seng & Pei Shi, Brunei.

chris ling peishi huangseng

Dave & Fenny, Indonesia.

chris ling fenny dave

Tze Chuan & Denise, Brunei & Sabah.

chris ling Denise Tze Chuan

Alex & Jasmine, Vietnam & Korea.

chris ling jasmin and alex

Thet Thet Mon & Myo Myint Aung, Myanmar.

chris ling thetthet

We will always remember your visit to our little island city!




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Christmas came early for Chris, and Shawn & Debbie managed to enjoy his new toy. He had just bought new radio lighting equipment for the team, and now all the photographers are playing around creating shots that are possible with this recent stash.

For the year 2012, Shawn & Debbie will be the last couple Chris will photograph. Come 2013, he would be putting his camera down and focusing on the team and the business. We leave you with some sneaks of what he had managed to capture this last shoot, happy holidays!






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Details, lovely details, never fails to enhance a wedding album.

Most of the props are from our studios, but we do encourage you to bring your own should you have any. A tip on the balloons, helium ones of any colour can be purchased from party shops around Singapore. There is one in Centerpoint Shopping Center as well, near our studio in Orchard, and your darling groom would have to make a trip down to purchase them. It wouldn’t cost more then a few dollars per balloon.

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