Our Chinese New Year promotion for 2012 is out!

This year marks Chris’ 20th year, having started in 1993. For 2012, he will be bringing back the same price he charged in 1993, an all image returned package at $2500.

Wedding day photography promotion see our chief photographer, Max Yeo, reduce his price from $3800 to $1993.

Studio/Outdoor Director’s photography by Chris Ling:
SGD2500 with all images returned
– Studio and choice of 2 outdoor locations in Singapore
– 20 images in a 12″ x 12″ album
– CD of the all images returned in high resolution
(Limited: only 8 6 5 0 all packages have been taken up.)

Wedding Day Chief Photography by Max Yeo:
SGD1993 with all images returned
– 10 hour photography service
– CD of all the images returned in high resolution
(Limited: only 8 7 5 4 0 all packages have been taken up.)

Closing date to secure the above promotions is Saturday 21st January 2012.


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If you remember Chong Chia Suan, then we are from the same generation. A former local starlet appearing in english drama serials, Chia Suan is now based in the UK. And she’s marrying a Scotsman.

She flew in a couple months back to get her engagement portraits done in Singapore, something that isn’t really popular with our western counterparts. It is comforting to come back to Asian soil. Yes, they will be having a Chinese tea ceremony, I’m guessing it would be over bagpipes in the background.

I heard a theory that sooner or later every nationality would pair up with one another and eventually there will only be one race. Maybe in the 30th century. This theory wasn’t presented to me in a sci-fi novel, in fact I remembered it from a comedian on The Late Show with David Lettermen.



Director’s photography by Chris Ling. Yes, he does remember seeing her on the telly. And in person, Chia Suan has a fantastic personality, she also has gorgeous freckles I would die for.

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Bangkok – Fashion Editorial by Chris Ling Intl from Chris Ling Photographers on Vimeo.

Bangkok has it’s own beauty doesn’t it? It’s quite an acquired taste, but once you acquire it, you’ll fall in love with the grit and the grey. Shopping, food, parties, people, many of my friends swear by the flavors of Thailand. It’s just different, they say, and it’s addictive. Except for the traffic.


Our team decided, why not. With two clients in tow, one being LeGrand Wedding for their latest fashion editorial, and the other Mr Lau and Ms Cho from Hong Kong, off we go to Bangkok for a shoot.


Mr Lau and Ms Cho had a fabulous time. Eat, shoot, shop, play, party.

The gowns from LeGrand, on the other hand, got lost. Yes, $15,000 worth of lost luggage. So here I was in Singapore, receiving calls from my team in Bangkok, followed by calls from Chris who was then in Hong Kong, all frantic about the gowns. How could the luggage handlers loose a very visible black bag spanning 6 feet (1.8 meters)? For every day the gowns didn’t arrive meant increased expenditure in accommodating the team, and after much arguments with the airline (whose only help was pushing the blame to the luggage handlers), we had to accept that there was nothing to do but wait. The happy ending after 2 days of being flustered was that the gowns did arrive. The relief was relished.

So here’s to Bangkok, the city that insists not to be forgotten. And here’s to another happy ending, Mr Lau and Ms Cho:

Bangkok: Wedding Portraits from Chris Ling Photographers on Vimeo.

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I was going through archives of Chris’ couples taken from way back when and stumbled across one that he had taken in Zouk dated 2007:


Singapore’s most famous club hasn’t changed all that much over the years, only their playlists are adjusted to suit preferences of the current younger generation. Something which the more mature clubbing folks might not fancy, but then again they would have Velvet Underground to progress on to. This is a little touch of nostalgia on a Saturday evening, at least for those who can recall having spent a little bit of their youths in Zouk. Which, seems like, can apply to quite a number of Singaporeans.

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– Singapore Studio –

We had covered LeGrand Wedding’s newest gown collection of the season, proposing a behind-the-scenes backstage feel for their fashion editorial. This was also done to commemorate our recent addition, a new makeup area. What you see, the bright lights and big mirrors, would be the area for our clients to prep for their shoots, be it pre-wedding or portrait photography. One thing we didn’t bank on was the heat from the lights, and this was rectified by dedicating an air conditioning unit specially for the area.

We’re pretty pleased with the results, and hope you would like it too.

The rest of the images can be viewed on our Facebook album here.

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A little gif action madness!

Notice that black figure on the 2nd floor of the house at the back,

quite a cartoon.

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The Wedding Bureau and our studio collaborated recently to organize a contest for couples to stand a chance to win a photography session via voting system on Facebook. The winning couple was Issac and Shirley, and together with gowns from Z Wedding D’sign, shot on location at Seb’s Bistro, flowers by Poppy and makeup by Jovi, we came up with a lighthearted concept: Summer at Seb’s.

Initially, it was planned towards a fashion styled photography, but Seb’s exuded such a cosy ambience in our current heat wave that we had to go for summer colours.

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Our studio bookings for pre-wedding photography are getting tighter towards the year end. Bookings are full for July and August, with one left for September. October onwards are available.

We had previous emails asking about the availability of our pre-wedding shoot dates for these few months, and we would like to sincerely apologise for not being able to fit your schedule in.

We would also like to deeply thank Joe & Alice and Jai & Tatia for pushing your shoot dates to after your wedding!

A little photo credit on the above pic: Kevin & Agnes. They had tied the knot over the weekend and we hope they had tons of fun. We hope the memories are kept freshly packed in your wedding albums and may the both of you never tire to retell your wedding experiences!

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Our photogenic couple 2011 deadline for entries is closing in on the 20th of June, and we thank our current participants for your images! Looking back on 2010’s Reuben and Kelly, here’s a journal of their Ubin concept shoot by our Chris Ling Team (CL Studio). It’s been a long time since anyone shot at Pulau Ubin, it’s rustic temperament is truly old school. From the zinc houses to the jetties, almost nothing changed on the little island.

We arrived at the pier from Changi jetty. Reuben’s binoculars were positioned to pull off an adventure holiday, as if we’re in Timbuktu. But we know we’re not kidding anybody, Ubin is Ubin –


Remember the rental bicycle shop? You cannot have Ubin without the bicycle shop. I remembered during the last decade when I rented their wheels for the trails, the seats were uncomfortably hard. Yes, that has not changed.


Kopi shops, provision shops, childhood tidbits –


New age advertising, concise and no beating around the bush –


Gradually, we moved on from casual to Kelong –


And subtly ended off with Ubin’s undisturbed nature.


Dear Kelly and Reuben, congratulations on your coming nuptials in July. We hope the near heat stroke was worth the fun!

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Terry and Cindy are our couple from our Hong Kong branch, they signed up our Singapore package during one of our Hong Kong fairs. Funny couple, it was thoroughly enjoyable going out with them. Instead of us entertaining them, they made us laugh oh so many times.

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