Eugene – Dean & Charmaine

From the images Eugene composed and their guidelines on the type of colours they prefer, I knew Dean and Charmaine could accept a more experimental treatment for their album. This I related to Skyy, chatting with her about how quirky Dean and Charmaine are and the directions they like. She then told me she’ll take up the artwork for their album. I told her I didn’t charge them any additional for the conceptualization (which means Skyy doesn’t get any money out of it), but she says it doesn’t matter as it’s going to be fun for her.

For some it might not be their cup of tea, but I’m glad Dean and Charmaine gave good feedback on the finished product, mentioning that it’s in sync with what they had in mind. The unplanned collaboration turned out well indeed.

And I would like to end with this cheeky image of Dean and Charmaine, it sums them up very well!

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