Chris – Ivan & Daphne (Singapore)

Chris’ portfolio on our main site has an additional gallery just uploaded recently featuring Ivan and Daphne’s photography. The colours were edited by Chris, and pardon me for appearing biased but, I must say, what wonderful colours they are. They opted to have one location on board a yacht and the last two images were taken along the streets of Little India. Little India, during which an old Indian lady in the purple building came out to tease our groom, “Handsome, where’re your flowers?”. If I recall correctly I think she even asked him to step right in.

  1. eileen says: August 24, 20093:54 pm


    any chance to feature more about The Studio by Chris in this blog?

  2. arvinna lee says: August 26, 20095:37 pm

    Chris’ family and portrait works are mostly on The Studio website already, I haven’t got a chance to dig out his latest ones. He’ll be back from HK tomorrow, once he is I’ll ask him to pass some images over and I’ll have it featured soon!

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