Nichole & Chia Wei – Chris

Helping clients with their photo selection is part and parcel of the wedding industry, something which although tedious, is very satisfying when the album is completed. Viewing the images, creating the client’s own Chris Ling album, always something different and something new. Many times I’d also like to share the pictures taken by the photographers, busy as always they are. And so here I am, periodically uploading the images I like (my personal preferences), with permission from the couple of course.

These were taken by Chris, with thanks to Nichole and Chia Wei!

  1. Nicole says: August 27, 20076:15 pm

    Hey there! Thanks for using our photos.
    It’s a pleasant surprise!

    Nice blog too!

  2. arvinna lee says: August 30, 20076:59 pm

    Your pictures must share! Happy you dropped by, thanks Nicole! 🙂

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