Chris – Jason & Wei Pei

Before their selection, I received a wonderful email from Jason and Wei Pei that made my day:

Hi Arvinna,

How are you?

Jason and I enjoyed ourselves in the S/O pre-wedding photoshoot on 12 August. Thank you very much for helping us and please send our warmest thanks to Chris for his quick and painless direction during the shoot!

Do let us know when the photos may be available for viewing so we can make arrangements in meeting up with you.

Many thanks.

Kind regards,

Wei Pei & Jason

I also wanted to quote, with many thanks to the lovely couple, their very apt description of Chris’ directions, quick and painless. Now why didn’t I think of that? So simple and accurate. Here are some images of Jason and Wei Pei at what Chris describes as the last kampong in Singapore. There is a kampong left in Singapore? He’ll show me one day because the mosquitoes there need new blood to feed on.

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