Chris – Eugene & Gladys

Eugene & Gladys and Chris had such a tight schedule that it allowed only a small window of time when all were free, but it’s extremely satisfying when everything fell into place. Our big thanks also to the beautiful couple for the lovely email below:

Dear Chris Ling and Arvinna,

We (Eugene and Gladys) have been blessed to have engaged a wonderful company to shoot our pre-wedding photos. We are really touched by the great work you’ve provided and the fact that you were so willing and flexible to work around our tight schedule. We also appreciate the extra effort you’ve both put in for the shoot on 27th Sept’ 09 which was on a Sunday and going through the photo selection in the night into the wee hours in the morning. The service you’ve provided was tip-top and we were very satisfied.

The photos you’ve taken have captured our natural personalities very well. Needless to say, the shoot was really smooth and enjoyable, contrary to what we expected before the shoot. Throughout the whole shoot, we were really pleased with the whole process because we were able to express ourselves so freely during the shoot and to communicate our ideas with you. Although we have not received the albums yet, we know that you offer to us is the best.

Thank you so much for your great efficiency in organizing the shoot and communicating the details to us. As above, the extra hours and work you’ve put in for us are greatly appreciated.

You’ve been friendly and all-smiles the whole way through. Thank you for the great working relationship you’ve provided for us. We’re looking forward to receiving the albums at the end of November.

With lots of love,
Eugene and Gladys

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