Travelougue by Chris – Fascinating Hoi An

I recently went to Hoi An, Vietnam, for a little trip. Managing my studio and its business can be very tiring, and I’ll always try my best to squeeze in trips like this where I can pursue my passion. Hoi An did not disappoint. You won’t believe the brilliance of the city, and it is a brilliance that I can’t describe. Instead, you’d have to see the sites of this fishing village yourself. Located in the Central Coast area of Vietnam, it sits in the Quảng Nam Province. The beautiful yellow shades of the city is fascinating!

Running alongside the Thu Bon River is the beautifully preserved UNESCO site, an ancient town. This is the star attraction for visitors. It is as if time stopped and you are visiting the old Vietnam centuries ago.  With the recent influx of visitors comes modernisation too. Amidst the old narrow streets and hanging lanterns, there are exciting new restaurants and shops. Plenty to explore! All my shots are captured in this town because it is one of the most photogenic places in Vietnam.

The old town architecture sees a mix of French colonial, Chinese, and Japanese that is completely unique to the area. It creates a fascinating atmosphere unique to Asia. There are colonial houses of gold, yellow, and bronze. There are lanterns of red, yellow, and green. There are Chinese influenced motiffs on the roofs of other buildings. These were preserved over the years, showing characteristic signs of wear and tear, and by maintaining its original condition allows the town to take a rustic personality. Old and new, postcard worthy heritage homes come together with alongside the new generation hipster cafes. You get a glimpse of life in the olden days by visiting homes that has been converted into museums.

At night, the river turns into a cascade of black and in stark contrast the colourful lanterns get lit. These lanterns with its intricate details are also what the area is famous for. I encourage you to see it in person, stand by the river and let the colours engulf you!

It speaks to you, and I can hear the town through my lens. No wonder people rave about Hoi An! What I have captured on my lens is just a tasting portion of the city. I had a hard time deciding which images to feature because just a few isn’t enough to showcase Hoi An. I hope my recommendation will encourage you to explore our Asian neighbour. This trip gave me a good break and it refreshed my spirit.

– Chris

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