the big FIFTEEN

Yes, there you have it. We are 15.

It’s amazing how long he has been in this industry. The funny thing is he only remembered when in August, I suggested we should have a Chris Ling birthday bash and see when the company turns 15.

“I’ll go back and check.” He replied.

A few days later, he informed me that we’re turning 15 next year, and we could do a 15 month celebration starting September 07 till December 08! So there we were scrambling for ideas that would get things going for September, and what better way to start then with Chris himself and a once in 15 year discount on his rate, and Kelvin with a once in 15 year offer on his overseas package. Eugene will definitely be included in the celebrations, but not now as too much candy is not good before dinner!

Keep a look out in our events page for the upcoming promotions!

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  1. eve says: July 14, 200810:54 pm

    hi, may i know when will be the next promotion for Chris Ling? thanks.

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