Max – Jeffrey & Daphne, Eugene – Roy & Liz

Jeffrey and Daphne had both a canvas print and a collage frame for their house. It was a nice showcase for their wedding too. I’m glad they went ahead with something other then the straight laced wedding picture. Chris captured their pre-wedding photography, the enlargements are his work. Actual day photos courtesy of Max.

I was also going through Roy and Elizabeth’s wedding day images taken by Eugene that was uploaded on our Facebook page. As most would have seen, it is a custom in some households to bring a roasted pig to the bride’s family. Originally, this was done 3 days after the wedding when brides marry into grooms’ families and matchmaking was the norm. But of course traditions do change over the years. Roy & Liz had their roasted pig, baked and caked. Leaving the head and the tail, it symbolises a good beginning and end to the marriage.

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