Hong Kong Fair – February

We’d like express our appreciation to our Hong Kong clients for choosing our studio during the previous Valentine’s fair. It’s wonderful to see quite a number choosing overseas shoots. Myself, I’d like to say a warm hello to Alice, Elaine and Vivian for visiting me at the booth and taking up our chief photographer packages. It was a pleasure meeting all of you!
More so when I can’t speak Cantonese and everyone was so accommodating conversing with me in English. We’ll keep in touch!

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  1. Wing says: February 27, 201012:26 am

    Hi I’ve joined pre-wedding package too at the fair. Now I’m a bit nervous as the shooting will be taken place real soon… I’m hoping that our shooting can be taken care by the Singaporean team instead of the local partner.
    Hope it’ll be a great memory ahead! ^^

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