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We are fortunate, indeed, to have the luxury of a house in Singapore which we can convert spaces into settings. Not to mention a budget set aside to revamp them. With the trend now being post production done in an outdoor environment, what happened to good ‘ol props and lighting? Recent requests for quotations on studio only photography goes to show the art of lighting hasn’t been forgotten, and we have now specially created a promotional package for this. All two and a half floors of good ‘ol props and lighting.

The Studio, Photography by Chris or Skyy: $1588

More spreads of our Studio Book can be viewed on our Facebook album.

  1. Amy Yu says: April 14, 20101:55 pm

    Hi Chris,

    Remember me? You did our photos in Tokyo on 30th Mar and I’m interested to get the studio photos done with you….. Is it SGN1588 with all images returned? Can this done in HK studio?

    If possible, can your let me know the package included and date so we can discuss further. May be you can do my studio photos in June when you are next time in HK?

    I have some snaps we took together, how can I send it to you and Joey?

    Looking forward to your reply!


  2. Jermaine says: April 14, 20106:17 pm

    Hi, I’m interested to receive more information. Can you send me the detailed package via my email? Thanks!!

  3. Lynn says: April 28, 201012:07 am

    Hi, I’d like to know more detail on the package. Is there any other promo on besides this one? Pls send the info to my email. Thanks a lot.

  4. Liz says: June 13, 20108:29 am

    hi hi, may i know if all pictures are returned for the $1588 package? and may i know the details of the package, pls?
    pls email me the details. thanks!

  5. arvinna lee says: June 13, 20104:34 pm

    Hi Liz, I can’t get through your email I’m afraid, can you send your address over to me again on the enquiries email? Thanks!

    The Studio Book – CD Selected
    – Studio photography at 50 Saunders Road
    – Choice of photography by Chris Ling Intl Photographers or CL Studio
    – 20 images in a 12×12″ album (edited)
    – CD of the selected images returned (originals)

    CD all images returned is another package on it’s own.

    Many thanks!

  6. mandy says: July 14, 20109:40 pm

    Hi ,

    I’m interested. May I know how much is the package for all images return?

    Hope to hear from you soon.


  7. arvinna lee says: July 15, 20103:37 pm

    Hi Mandy, I’ve replied. Many thanks!

  8. Sai says: September 14, 201010:51 pm

    Hi, I’d like to know more detail on the package. Is there any other promo on besides this one?
    Pls send the info to my email. Thanks a lot.

  9. arvinna lee says: September 15, 20102:47 pm

    Hi Sai, I just emailed the details over. Apart from credit card discounts of 25% with direct pre-wedding photography, there aren’t other promotions.

  10. Stella Tan says: November 18, 20103:40 pm

    Hi. I love the photographs i see on your website very much. A couple of questions:
    1. Are outdoor shoots included in this package? If not, how much do we have to top up if we would like to have outdoor shoots included?
    2. How much do we have to top up to have all images returned?
    3. What kind of album comes with the package? Hotpress & digital?
    4. What is the cost if we wanna increase the no of pictures in the album?
    It will be great if you could send us the details of the package and information as requested above va email.

    Thank you.

  11. arvinna lee says: November 20, 201012:10 pm

    Hi Stella, this is a studio only promotion. Outdoor locations and CD all packages are at a different price. I’ve just sent you the email, hope it helps!

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