Chris, Singapore – Larry & Carman

There have been many nicknames given to Larry, The popular ones being Mr Nice Guy and Mr Surprise. Mr Surprise would be our favorite, and it always astounds us how he knows no limits just to put a smile on Carman. They met Chris and team during the Hong Kong fair and took to our photography immediately. Engaging us for 2 overseas photography shoots, Singapore and Cambodia, the Cambodia shoot was to be covered by both Chris and Skyy, whereas the Singapore one would be done by our CL Studio division. Larry then secretly arranged for Chris to take over the Singapore shoot instead, and the look on Carman’s face when she turned up at our Orchard studio was priceless. How I wish it could be recorded down!

Here are excerpts of their Singapore shoot, at No.5 Emerald Hill Cocktail Bar, Luxe Car Rental (Ferrari) and National Museum:

The remaining have been uploaded onto our Facebook album.

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