James & Regina – Chris

Eugene has highlighted good points about exploring new locations, it is always challenging to the photographer. Nonetheless, I can tell from their responses that they simply find it thrilling.

Like Francis and Tess, James and Regina knew what they wanted for their album. They had arranged the details of their shoot, their location: MoS. The Ministry of Sound, a large club with a variety of rooms with different themes, is located at Clarke Quay. Of course there were a few hiccups with some of the rooms being in a state of disarray, and occasionally they were left stranded not knowing where the electrical points were, but things still moved on without major set backs. Having much ground to cover, they spent an entire day at the club. The result: high fashion urban chic. Very cosmopolitan, naturally glamourous.

James and Regina, Chris says he enjoyed his time at MoS, and these are a few of his favorite shots. Good luck with your selection, it’s going to be tough!

  1. Regina says: September 27, 20075:38 pm

    Hey Chris, hey Arvi,

    Thank you so much for making us so glamourous in our shoot…! We love it!! Arvi, you’re right… we’re still struggling very hard at our selections!! LOL…

    James’ very pleased, and really glad that we chose a good location. So, we could enjoy our shoot very much without extra factors of the crazy weather nowadays, melting makeup, etc… and best of all… doing so many varieties in such a short time, all in 1 place!!

    Thank you so so so much 🙂

    ok… back to the selections thingy…

  2. arvinna lee says: September 28, 20074:38 pm

    Most importantly, we’re glad that you enjoyed yourself!

    Once in a lifetime, these pics will stay with you always 😀

    Thanks for making us a part of your celebrations!

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