Paris 2011

Our Paris schedule has been confirmed for August 29th to September 1st 2011. Priced at SGD4888 including his air ticket and accommodation, Chris will be personally shooting Paris 2011.

  1. San San says: December 7, 201010:03 am

    Hi there, do you fly to Maldives? If do what are the details of the Maldives overseas package?


  2. arvinna lee says: December 7, 20101:01 pm

    Hi San San, yes we do go to Maldives. The inclusions would be different from the Paris promotion though, and you’d get all the images returned. I’ve just sent you the details via email, many thanks!

  3. kel says: December 14, 20108:54 pm

    Hi, appreciate if u could email the details for the paris promotion. ie: does it includes the make up artist, gowns etc. tks

  4. A T says: January 19, 20118:33 pm

    Hi, interested in the paris promo. can you provide more details about the package.

  5. nat says: January 25, 20114:56 pm

    Hi, wld like to find out more about Paris 2011 package. How will we be billed for the album, additional images, soft copy, make up, hair, outfits, and other details?
    Thank you. ((:

  6. KL says: February 6, 201111:05 am

    Hi! Interested to know more about the package as well. Could you send me further details? thanks!

  7. GC says: March 11, 20118:40 pm

    Hello I am interested in the Paris package. Kindly email more details, would this be available as a tie-up with Dang Bridal?

    Thank you very much.

  8. cyn says: March 18, 201111:49 pm

    Hi, im interested in the Paris package. Could you please provide me with the details?


  9. PY says: March 21, 20118:53 am

    hello, i interested to know more about overseas package.( eg. locatily and date ) , can you provide me email more details.


  10. Chin says: May 21, 20118:45 pm

    Hi, I’m interested in the Paris package. Could you share the details? Also, may I know if there is any package for HK in 2011 and will Chris personally take the photos? Thanks!

    • arvinna says: May 28, 20116:15 pm

      Hi Chin, I can’t get through to your mailbox I’m afraid, could you send me an email with your address to our enquiries [at] chrisling email? Also, for this September Paris shoot, We’ll have to check Chris’ schedule in September to determine if and when he would be able to shoot. Feel free to drop me a line if anything, I’ll try to get all the details out soon!

  11. Jack says: June 6, 20117:32 pm

    I would like to know more on the Paris package which you guys are having the special promotion.
    For this package do we have a coffee table book inclusive?
    Thank you

  12. Tracy says: June 25, 20119:24 am

    Hi can u send me the maldives photo taking package as well thanks! pls include details for the gown, make up and hair as well thanks!

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