The Chris Ling Privilege

[ONGOING] The Chris Ling Privilege: If you would like to get updates on promotions before it is released, or gain access to special rates and offers not only at our studios but also that of our affiliates (from boutiques to wedding favours), do sign up to be on our list. Simply log on to and Subscribe (last tab) to the Chris Ling Privilege. Key in your email address and our administrators will automatically receive your email address.

[UPDATE] Wedding Starter Kit – We’re currently out of stock on our wedding starter kits, on top of which we are working on more possible partnerships. Nonetheless, do email your posting address over to us and we’ll have one sent over as soon as the new kits have been prepared.

  1. Alvina says: December 13, 20104:04 pm

    Hi I would love to have one of the wedding starter kit. Could you let me know how to get my hands on one? Thanks!

  2. arvinna lee says: December 14, 20106:38 pm

    Hi Alvina, could you drop us an email with your mailing address? We’ll send one over to you once the new batches are ready. Thanks!

  3. Jasmine Han says: January 12, 20112:23 pm

    Hi, I would liket to have the wedding starter kit. When can i get it?

  4. San says: January 18, 20111:35 am

    Hi, would love to get hold of a set too! Pls advise. Thanks!

  5. @ says: March 3, 201110:39 am

    Hi, would like to have the kit, please email me, thanks.

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