SPCA Charity Cause


We would like to thank all the participants, especially our 4 legged friends, who took the effort to join us on our Pets Day fundraiser shoot for the SPCA. Many have donated very generously indeed, and I’m sure the SPCA appreciates your amazing kindness.

Contributing photographers: Martin Yeoh & Edwin Tan.

Together with the Chris Ling studio team.

Meet Heinz, adopted by Orlando and Samantha. Coincidently, Heinz was also the mini Bull Terrier that I had wanted to visit at the SPCA, but I couldn’t get to see him. Orlando and Samantha, you beat me to him! But I’m elated to be able to finally meet the little one and I love how roads somehow cross each other.

  1. Orlando says: November 29, 20106:12 pm


    Many thanks for a great afternoon yesterday – can’t wait to see the pictures of our little critters!

  2. arvinna lee says: November 30, 201011:33 am


    I’m gonna go to your house and steal him! I have the addresses from your wedding itinerary muahaha!

    Wait… that is if you guys are still staying at the same place…

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