Engagement Ring Box


We stumbled across an interesting concept of customized engagement ring boxes while surfing the information highway. It’s not an uncommon idea, indeed, but the idea of the groom commissioning a ring box in the shape of his other half’s movie obsession, Up, is very thoughtful. Furthermore, isn’t Up a heart tingling storyline about a match made that somewhat transcended “death do them part”? How apt.


Themodelmaker.net, Michal Miszta, is based in Ireland, and I’ll let his wonderful work speak for itself. I also believe there are model makers in Asia, it might be that they haven’t received commissions to do ring boxes yet.


Leave your comments on our Facebook post if you wish to share about anybody you know that can do commissioned one-off wedding boxes. On a note closer to home, we recommend Card Blanche in Singapore for customized wedding stationaries. I will also let their very lovely work speak for itself.

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