Audrey’s Entourage – Eugene

Our studio turned nursery for a few hours, Eugene was shooting Audrey’s little precious and the baby’s 5 cousins. 5 talking, running, active young ones and we all know standing still and children do not go together. Nevertheless, uncle Eugene fooled around with them and took really good shots of the kids being kids and the baby being simply adorable.

Arriving at our office after the shoot, our turtles in the pond caught their attention. It was then that I found out from the little boy that ping pong balls and humans are part of a turtle’s diet.

Thanks, Audrey, for sharing your afternoon and images with us!

  1. donna says: October 18, 20078:04 am

    My boys had a ball but not too sure about Eugene ;p They were a handful weren’t day? Thanks for the lovely shots!

  2. eugene goh says: October 18, 20074:13 pm

    Glad you like the photos!

    I had a great time too! I’ve often been accused of having the mental age of a kid so I always fit right in 🙂

  3. arvinna lee says: October 19, 20071:58 pm

    It was a really wonderful change in the office atmosphere. I was in the pantry but I could still hear them playing around, can’t help but giggle every few minutes!

    It brought a smile to everyone’s day 🙂

  4. Eileen Goh says: October 20, 20074:25 pm

    Donna, surprised to see nicky and noah’s photo up here….Chris did my family shoot and newborn shoot, will show you some samples of it.

    Chris – how are you doing??!!

  5. Chris Ling says: October 22, 200712:37 pm

    Hi Eileen,

    Fine, thank you. Busy as usual.

    How about yourself? How old is your baby now?

    Keep in touch, cheers!

  6. Eileen Goh says: October 25, 20072:07 pm

    Hi Chris, the baby is going to be 10 mths old soon, and Kayden is 32 mths …when di di is slightly older, I will get in touch with you again :)…only YOU can capture Wilson with a decent smiley face….he looks so sulky in all our self taken home photos!

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