We have now included in our price list a pre-wedding and actual day photography bundle at SGD4300 for weddings in Singapore, done by our team of photographers. It is a full package which includes the albums and all the images returned.

  1. Cheryl says: February 26, 201110:42 am


    Can you send me your available packages including express highlights and montage?

  2. arvinna lee says: February 26, 20112:43 pm

    Hi Cheryl, most definitely. I’ve just emailed the price list over. Many thanks.

  3. Tiffanie says: March 21, 20118:07 am

    Hi Arvinna,

    can I have your package/pricelist for the following :

    1) Pre wedding (photography)
    2) Actual day wedding (photography)

    Many thanks!

  4. Lok says: March 21, 201110:12 pm

    I am interested in pre-wedding photography. Can you send me some available package with details.


  5. arvinna lee says: March 22, 20115:52 pm

    Hi Everyone, thanks for the enquiries. I’ve sent the requested information over. Feel free to drop me a line if anything ya?

  6. Joelle says: March 23, 20116:49 pm

    Hi Arvinna,

    Can you send me the package list with the price?


  7. Aileen says: March 29, 20119:03 pm


    Do you have overseas pre-wedding schedules for second half of the year or next year? Could you send me the package list with price? Thanks.


  8. Kristy Kuan says: March 30, 20114:06 pm

    Hi Arvinna,

    Could you send me your price list for Actual Day (mar 2012) Photography & Videography?

    Tks 🙂

  9. arvinna lee says: April 1, 20112:25 pm


  10. Eileen says: April 3, 201110:33 am

    Hi Arvinna

    Could you please send me the details for the pre-wedding and actual day photography bundle? Thanks!

  11. Keith says: April 7, 201111:53 pm

    Hi Arvinna,

    Can you send mi the price list for a 4-hrs Actual Day (1st Oct 2011) Photograpy? Thanks alot!

  12. Jo says: April 21, 201110:23 am

    Hi Arvinna,

    Could you send me info on all your package .. Pre-wedding/overseas/actual day/bridal promotion ? Thanks alot.

  13. Jan says: April 21, 20112:01 pm

    Hello, I am interested in the bundle package.
    And my wedding day is 22 Oct 2011. Could you please send me the details?

  14. Jan says: April 21, 20112:02 pm

    by the way, I am from HK

  15. Cher says: May 1, 201110:12 pm

    hi Arvinna,

    We are interested in the bundle package.

    Please send the details over?

    Thank you.


  16. Peiying says: May 1, 201110:13 pm

    Hi we have been introduced by Zweddings and would like to know the rates for the actual wedding day photography and videography.

  17. soonghai says: May 8, 20112:56 pm


    We’re interested in the package and would like to find out if there are any tie-ups with bridal studios. Please send us details.

    Our wedding day is on 31st December 2011


  18. Vanessa says: June 4, 201112:40 pm

    Can you please email me your AD wedding Package for both Photography and Videography- inclusive of video Express Highlights for 2012 Dec. Thanks.

  19. Edmond says: June 12, 201112:38 pm

    Hi may I have the pricelist for pre wedding in Singapore and wedding day in hong kong?

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