Jane & Jason – Chris

Chris had a photo shoot with Jane and Jason some time ago, but we’ve been so busy of late with the November and December albums that we couldn’t post it up sooner!

I met up with Jane when she came by to pick up her CD. She was accompanied by a friend and another one of our brides, Lynette, who also knew another one of our other brides, Jamie Seetoh. Small island, small world… It’s also quite common to for some of our potential clients to go, “Hey… I know him/her!” We also get groups of friends who have all signed up with us; it becomes a very chatty session when they gather at our gallery. I should consider buying a coffee machine to add to the tea selection…

Word of mouth has done wonders for us, we’d like to thank all of you that have supported us throughout these years! Seriously, we wouldn’t have survived 15 years without your help.

With compliments of Jane & Jason, here are some of the pictures Chris has picked out from their shoot.

  1. Jack says: November 23, 20073:57 pm

    Nice pics!

    Great work!

  2. arvinna lee says: November 24, 20076:59 pm


    Glad you like the images, we’ll keep more posts coming 🙂

  3. RCK says: November 28, 20079:43 am

    Can’t wait to see the full collection!

  4. arvinna lee says: November 28, 20077:17 pm

    Patience… patience 🙂

    It’s still in the oven!

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