Back Online

Our apologies for making you put up with a blank journal space the previous days. We were in the midst of migrating our data to an upgraded server. In the end, exporting our old WordPress entries turned out to be very simple steps, but the finding out was the journey that gave me a coding headache. Which I in turn gave our server guy, Boon, a headache. I only know the very basics you see, but I now at least come out knowing more then the basics. I’ll speak for everyone when I say all of us here have that pursuit of knowledge (be it by choice or not!), and it would be nice if we can continue sharing our growth with you.

I shall punctuate with Wee Teik and Angie’s dramatic stairwell shot, a bit of a break after showcasing our many candied shots, done by our team that is Chris Ling photographers.

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