Happy Holidays!

Christmas has passed and New Year’s is here. It has been rather hectic with the holiday season, but we’re relieved to have sailed through it.

2007 marked our move to Emerald Hill, this quaint Peranakan Place has brought an abundance of charm to our establishment. I also believe the pubs across have received much business from some of our couples and us.

As we welcome in 2008, we would like to thank everyone who have supported us tremendously, recommending our services and letting us grow. 2008 marks our 15th Anniversary, and we’ll keep all of you in the loop for any celebrations we’re planning. It would be such a riot catching up with our brides and grooms again, and building bonds with new ones!

A big shout out to everyone, Blessed Christmas & Happy New Year from all of us at Chris Ling Photographers . Sound & Pictures!

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