Old School Ubin

Our photogenic couple 2011 deadline for entries is closing in on the 20th of June, and we thank our current participants for your images! Looking back on 2010’s Reuben and Kelly, here’s a journal of their Ubin concept shoot by our Chris Ling Team (CL Studio). It’s been a long time since anyone shot at Pulau Ubin, it’s rustic temperament is truly old school. From the zinc houses to the jetties, almost nothing changed on the little island.

We arrived at the pier from Changi jetty. Reuben’s binoculars were positioned to pull off an adventure holiday, as if we’re in Timbuktu. But we know we’re not kidding anybody, Ubin is Ubin –


Remember the rental bicycle shop? You cannot have Ubin without the bicycle shop. I remembered during the last decade when I rented their wheels for the trails, the seats were uncomfortably hard. Yes, that has not changed.


Kopi shops, provision shops, childhood tidbits –


New age advertising, concise and no beating around the bush –


Gradually, we moved on from casual to Kelong –


And subtly ended off with Ubin’s undisturbed nature.


Dear Kelly and Reuben, congratulations on your coming nuptials in July. We hope the near heat stroke was worth the fun!

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