Shoot Dates Update: July 2011


Our studio bookings for pre-wedding photography are getting tighter towards the year end. Bookings are full for July and August, with one left for September. October onwards are available.

We had previous emails asking about the availability of our pre-wedding shoot dates for these few months, and we would like to sincerely apologise for not being able to fit your schedule in.

We would also like to deeply thank Joe & Alice and Jai & Tatia for pushing your shoot dates to after your wedding!

A little photo credit on the above pic: Kevin & Agnes. They had tied the knot over the weekend and we hope they had tons of fun. We hope the memories are kept freshly packed in your wedding albums and may the both of you never tire to retell your wedding experiences!

  1. Kevin says: July 16, 20117:40 am

    We have never regret choosing Chris Ling & engaging Skyy as our photographer.
    Thank you for the great pictures.

  2. arvinna says: July 19, 201111:24 pm

    The pleasure is all ours! Such a wonderful experience to have gotten to know Agnes and yourself.

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