To Feel It, Not See It – Paul’s Artwork

Here are some of the artwork I have recently created and would like to share with everyone.

The series below was created to portray a sense of dreaminess and to provide an overall feel of timelessness and nostalgia.

The colour tones are warmer and softer, something which many couples request from my artwork. The effects I do are very colour based, adding various layers and depth to the image. The vintage look isn’t created simply by converting an image directly to sepia tones, there are actually subtle layers of warm colours not immediately obvious to the eye; layers that blend to achieve the intended mood/feel. Be it Eugene’s, Kelvin’s or Chris’ images, I would judge which colour composition would be suitable to enhance and heighten what they wanted to capture.

I love sharing ideas with everyone, so please do feel to give me your comments! 🙂

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