Through Thick & Thin – Photography by Eugene

5 people have been friends for 10 years and counting. In 3 days, one would be leaving for Hong Kong due to work commitments.

To commemorate their friendship which started from their teens to adulthood, from part timers to high flyers and from nothing to something, they decided to immortalise the group by having a photo shoot. It was easy to be themselves after a while, and everyone, including Eugene, had a rioting good time. Well, a few champagnes along the way didn’t hurt at all! As they always say, it isn’t a goodbye but a see you later.

Such are the moments that even a million dollars cannot replace.

“When the character of a man is not clear to you, look at his friends.” – Japanese proverb

  1. Kevin Lau says: February 12, 20089:42 pm


    Sincere thanks for capturing the spirit of us in these fragments of time together on a rainy Sunday afternoon. We’ll always have the Veuve and the memories…

    …and in 3 days we’ll also have a pad to crash in HK.



  2. Pris says: February 18, 20085:42 pm

    It was truly a great session. If it’s not for the ease you made us feel, we could not be ourselves. The reasons for this shoot were understood n felt. A roller-coaster ride for me at least. Poignant. Exhilarating. Lotsa laughter too. I must say, a big Thank You Eugene for locking these last precious moments for us.

  3. Gerard Oliveiro says: February 18, 20086:33 pm


    Thank you for a memorable day! You are absolutely brilliant (if there was a better word, I would use it). Your patience and direction were fantastic… plus you made it really fun as well. (the pictures says it all).

    You made us all look and feel like rock stars for a day!

    Thanks again Eugene!

    P.S. a friend of mine even thought that I was cutting an album and wished me good luck. YOU THE MAN!!!!

  4. eugene goh says: February 22, 20085:37 pm

    kevin: You guys made it really easy for me! It was great to see how comfortable you guys are with each other and that translated to lots of excellent photographs… and yes, never bad to have a pad to crash at in HK πŸ™‚

    pris: I enjoyed the session very much too! Thank you so much for being yourselves and for that couple of hours, really feel like I was part of the gang too!

    gerard: I’m really glad you enjoyed yourself. You guys are already rock stars. You just need to let it out more often! πŸ™‚

    no dude, YOU THE MAN!!

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