Chris for Carole Lin

Her look, some of my clients says it’s playful, some says it’s fiesty, some mentioned it instills a sense of curiosity. I love the language in this shot of Carole, what do you think?

You may remember her from her days in TCS, this year Carole Lin is getting hitched! Together with Michelle HuiMin from Bridal Veil as her gown couturier, Chris has been engaged to personally cover her wedding photography.

One playful and energetic lady, Chris has gone artistically mod with touches of high fashion glam for her studio shoot. I can’t resist but to share these images with everyone. Granted, it’s not every couple’s cup of tea, but it is always good to show the versatility of his creativity. To have something different is always one criterion our brides have when they engage our services, so we always try our best to defy conventional wedding images.

Hope you’ll enjoy these images as much as we do, and a big thanks for Carole for being so game!

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