Chia Suan

If you remember Chong Chia Suan, then we are from the same generation. A former local starlet appearing in english drama serials, Chia Suan is now based in the UK. And she’s marrying a Scotsman.

She flew in a couple months back to get her engagement portraits done in Singapore, something that isn’t really popular with our western counterparts. It is comforting to come back to Asian soil. Yes, they will be having a Chinese tea ceremony, I’m guessing it would be over bagpipes in the background.

I heard a theory that sooner or later every nationality would pair up with one another and eventually there will only be one race. Maybe in the 30th century. This theory wasn’t presented to me in a sci-fi novel, in fact I remembered it from a comedian on The Late Show with David Lettermen.



Director’s photography by Chris Ling. Yes, he does remember seeing her on the telly. And in person, Chia Suan has a fantastic personality, she also has gorgeous freckles I would die for.

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