Be Kind To Animals

Touching on a topic off the wedding track, we offered our services to the SPCA some time back. A friend of mine was volunteering there and we thought why not help out too? Roping Eugene in to take the photos, we set the appointment up and gave the CD to SPCA for their media and print materials. The weather was really hot that day, but we had a ball capturing all our 4 legged friends!

If you’re thinking of adopting, becoming a member or make a donation, do contact the SPCA at 62875355.

  1. Carlene says: May 21, 20089:44 am

    We were just there on Sunday! It’s where we go to get our doggie fix since we can’t have a dog right now.

    It’s really nice of you guys to take photos for them. The photos look good! I think they’ll look great on their stationery or calendars.

  2. eugene goh says: May 26, 20081:32 pm

    Thank you 🙂

    It was actually quite fun to shoot the animals. It was a nice change of pace. We hope they will find the photos useful as well!

  3. Dinesh says: May 27, 20089:40 am

    Hey babe, thanks so much for coming down to take the pics. Deirdre mentioned the beautiful photos. We intend to use them for the 2009 Diary. Thanks once again 😉

  4. arvinna lee says: May 28, 20085:40 pm

    You’re most welcome!

    Am very glad we managed to catch up after so long and work together on this great idea. It was fun to help out and we’re very glad everyone love the photos!

    I’m also tempted to make another visit to SPCA again, Carlene isn’t the only one that needs a doggy fix 🙂

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