Jack & Anna’s 10th Anniversary

I received a call earlier this week, it was Anna asking if Chris takes family photography. I answered yes, he does. She then mentioned she was a Chris Ling bride, and that was 10 years ago. I got silly and excited!

Today is Jack and Anna’s 10th Anniversary. Chris was telling me earlier that 2 kids and 10 years later, they are the same warm couple very much in love with each other. He also said he was flattered and delighted to know that they treasure their wedding album till this day, but I’m not surprised. This image of them shot 10 years ago still looks good:

And here’s the lovely couple today, they hardly aged.

We’d like to introduce their 2 little girls as well, lovely little ladies. I adore this image, the moment is priceless.

To Anna and Jack, our heartiest congratulations! We are honored to be able to participate in the key moments of your life.

  1. Janice says: November 7, 20088:41 am

    wow…this is really inspiring…will take note of this when we reach out 10th year anni!;)
    Janice and Colin (also Chris’s clients)

  2. arvinna lee says: November 14, 20086:33 pm

    Gladly! We’re definitely looking forward to seeing you two again 🙂 Don’t forget us!

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