Chris – Bertrand & Carole’s French Celebration!

Our dear Carole’s big day has finally arrived. Her French beau had arranged for the matrimonies to be held in beautiful Chateau d’Esclimont, situated close to Versailles and Paris. With her show stopping Bridal Veil gown designed by Michelle Huimin adding a touch of glamour and class, this wedding is set to be one of the key highlights of the year. They had engaged and flew Chris over to cover both their pre-wedding and actual day photography.

Chris is still in Paris with the lovely couple when he emailed the images over to me, he’s definitely having a wonderful time. France, with its deep history in art and architecture, will always bring out creative inspiration. I can’t wait to share the rest of his photos.

  1. Phil Jones CEO SWPP & BPPA says: June 14, 200810:46 pm

    Great looking venue for a wedding

  2. arvinna lee says: June 19, 20084:32 pm

    I do agree. The lucky couple gets to wed in such charm.

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