Gani’s Big Bash!

I had an enquiry a few months back, requesting photography coverage for birthday party. The interesting bit was that this party will span over 3 days: Pre party, actual day and post party. How entirely delightful! I should plan as such for my 30th this year. Oh wait, did I just reveal my age?

After some negotiation, Eugene decided to take up the job. Smart move, as it was one happening event and he was definitely happy to have been involved. I won’t post up any of the pictures from the party just in case Gani would prefer to keep it personal, but here’s a profile of Gani taken from the studio shoot Eugene had organized for him.

The birthday boy is celebrating his 40th anniversary. 40 years! He’s in such good shape I feel jealous already.

Thank you Gani, I can’t wait to catch up again!

  1. Gani says: July 2, 20084:02 pm

    Hi Arvinna. Thanks for this post. Cool shot huh! And I feel like a supermodel at work hehee.

    Hi Eugene. Again, thank you so very much for the great work. You captured many unthinkable and beautiful moments. We love them a lot and can’t stop looking at them over and over again. We enjoyed your presence too at the 3 nights party!

  2. eugene goh says: July 4, 20081:13 am

    Hi Gani! It was a real pleasure shooting for you guys too! Definitely one of the most fun events I’ve covered. I’m really glad that you like the photos. 🙂

  3. arvinna lee says: July 7, 20083:45 pm

    Don’t need to feel like a supermodel, you’re naturally fabulous!

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