Eugene – Lim Yan & Jia Hwei’s Big Day

A number of years ago, when Chris did actual day photography, he shot the wedding of Jia Hwei’s aunt. Now, Jia Hwei herself engaged our photographers and Eugene covered her big day.

I simply adore it when we get to cover 2 generations. I guess if Chris first started as early as he did, there will bound to be plenty of history in the company.

Here are some images by Eugene of their wedding day. Jia Hwei can get to compare if what I selected are similar to the ones she’ll choose for her album. Thank you for sharing your beautiful wedding with us Lim Yan & Jia Hwei! I especially love the photo of Jia Hwei’s delighted look under the umbrella when the rice bounced off the car, that’s a winner right there!

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