All About The Music People

I hooked up with a few of my friends who are in the music industry and told them why not go crazy and have a photo shoot? Photography will be by Eugene of course; it’s right up his alley. One kooky radio DJ and 3 club DJs later, we’ve got some interesting work. Allow me to do the introductions and you can say hi to them when you meet them on the streets or in the clubs. Don’t worry they don’t bite. Here’s Desiree, the latest babe on Perfect 10 98.7FM. She’s the voice between 10am to 1pm, now you can match it with the adorable face. Endorsements anyone?

Moving on to our club DJs, we’ll kick start with the goddess herself, DJ Flame. Angela Flame is much sought after having succeeded on an international platform. Currently back in Singapore, do keep a lookout for her gigs at House at Dempsey and Prive. She has plenty of Avante Garde and funk shots, so here’s our take on a sultry Flame with a strong sense of femininity.

DJs Aldrin and Akien need no introduction to our readers who are familiar with the local clubbing scene. They are a truly whacky duo, I love the vibes played off in every shot. Like how our studio avoids conventional wedding portraiture, they didn’t want any headphone or mixer props. It’s a different take from cool dude shots but humor never fails to impress.

They even bronzed their faces. How cool is that!

Ending here, I now wonder what shall my next line up be? Maybe I should organize a series on pie makers.

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