Chris – Chen Yi & Wendy

I always believed Chen Yi wanted to reserve his best smiles for Wendy. When Chen Yi met Chris, he mentioned that no one could make him smile comfortably in front of a camera. I doubt he was looking forward to his pre-wedding photography. Chris’ reply? Simple, that’s because the photographer isn’t him. Chen Yi decided to take Chris up on the challenge, and so they booked him. The end result? I do believe they had a wonderful time, because judging by the images his smile is all natural! Yes, I think Chen Yi was very comfortable. In the end, he wasn’t able to delete any photos, truly a record breaker for Chris.

Chen Yi and Wendy, hope you two had a blast and enjoyed yourselves! Your albums will be worth it. And to Chen Yi, may you never stop doting on Wendy. I can see it in his eyes how he treasures her so. It’s these moments in my work that warms my heart and makes going the extra mile for couples simply worth it.

On another note, anyone else wants to take Chris up on a challenge?

  1. ChenYi says: August 13, 20083:31 pm

    The pictures are wihout any doubt fantastic. Both Wendy and I are extremely happy with the end result and from the bottom of our hearts, thank you very much.

    Initially, I was very worried about taking photos. Both Wendy and I joked at how I would spoil the pictures but we went ahead anyway with Chris’s assurance. Now I know how he made sure I won’t spoil them
    – by placing me further back
    – darken me
    – scrub me away with photoshop

    DID YOU REALLY THINK HE WILL DO THAT??!! Did you believe me? 🙂 Someone told me that the pictures in this blog are not even near the nicer ones.

    Apart from just being nice, the photos are very special because the whole process from preparation to the shoot itself and choosing of the photos were very special to the both of us. There was just this very nice feeling of doing something memorable together. The shoot was relaxed, fun and filled with jokes and laughter. There were many mistakes which made it more fun because there was a fine for each one, free photos if done correctly. Even then, left still became right, elbow became knee, Chen Yi became Wendy etc. There was also the subtle, 5% to 60% and happy smile and so on. Photo choosing was a “mental torture” for all of us, spent 7 hours and missed my National Day Parade.

    On a serious note, I must say these were made possible with Chris’s photography skill and his extraordinary ability to make people comfortable. Wendy also put in a great deal of effort for the preperation even with her very tight schedule and she had to endure my constant reluctance to stand infront of the camera. It was really a tremendous team effort. Oh, I had the toughest job of all, keeping my eyes open and smiling according to that percentage thing.

    Chris, thanks for the memories!


  2. Chris Ling says: August 18, 20085:37 pm

    Hi Chen Yi,

    Very happy that you like the session, I had a lot of fun myself. Thank you for being my record breaking couple!

    What’s most important is that Wendy and yourself must be comfortable and enjoy the whole process, start to finish, and my team and I are here to make sure you will.


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