James & Regina’s Canvases

James and Regina is the couple that had their pre-wedding photography done by Chris on location at the chic club MOS (which won’t be MOS any longer though). After their wedding, they finally decided which images to have printed on canvas and proceeded to confirm an order of 2 different sizes. One was an artistic piece. It didn’t need to show their faces in entirety as they agreed the image characterises them. The other was their portraiture. Originally, they had chosen an image with both facing the camera, but changed their minds and followed advice on getting a side profile instead. This slight detail in angle will make for a classic piece that won’t look dated.

I then asked if they’d like to take photos of their home decorated with the canvases and share it on our Chris Ling blog, it would give other newlyweds inspiration on how to style their own nests. They gladly agreed.

On the left is the longish 40” art piece and the right is the bigger portraiture. In case you’re wondering why the focus is a fat cat in the middle of the left photo, there was one catch they gave me. That is to help bring some notoriety to their beloved cats! Why not, I thought, these cuties are virtually James and Regina’s babies, and as the government encouraged they didn’t stop at 2.

  1. Regina says: September 3, 200811:50 pm

    Thanks Arvinna 🙂

    aww… ain’t my baby baby so cute?? cute fatty butt butt… LOL

  2. arvinna lee says: September 4, 20084:44 pm

    All your babies are very cute, don’t forget the others if not jealousy will prevail! How many in total?

    I can’t recall their names though, Mitzy and King Tubbs? Oh wait those belong to another couple. Whiskers and something?

  3. Regina says: September 4, 20086:14 pm

    it’s Whiskers and Joey in here babe… 🙂

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