Eugene – Ken & Cheryl

I remember the first time I had talked to Cheryl, we were discussing how hard it is to find men our height or taller. I’m glad she met Ken, they are extremely compatible in many ways. As a couple, their personalities are infectious. In a good way of course, one would just end up smiling and giggling with them. Another common ground I share with Cheryl, we both love a good party. After the wedding dinner, their friends, being the pranksters they are, secretly arranged for a 6am wake up call to their suite, and we all know the last thing we need after a long wedding celebration of friends, family and fun is to answer an insistent ringing before the sun even rose. Well, poor Ken that is, Cheryl slept through the call!

Of course, having limited space on this blog I can’t show the full day proceedings of the mischevious mates, but I would still like to share snaps of their big day covered by Eugene.

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