We Are Moving

Yes, we are moving back to our Saunders road studio up the road from Emerald Hill, it’s still within the Peranakan Place compound. Chris originally started out from his studio, with then manager Lin helping him out. I believe some of our couples from 4 years or so back can recall the elegant and friendly lady. Remember our Tras street gallery as well? That was after Kelvin Lim and the design team joined, and it was also when Eugene Goh and John Lim came in as additional photographers, Bernard Teo as our videography producer and Vivian Tan the coordinator. Years later, I am now running the show so that Eugene may focus on his photography, Bernard can hone in his craft and Chris develop his retirement plan! Don’t worry, Chris will still be shooting for at least into the 2010s.

The Saunders road studio, with it’s quaint and charming personality, has always possessed good Feng Shui for both the company and our couples. It’s amusing to see ourselves come to a full circle. Why are we moving in the first place? It’s simply because our lease at Emerald Hill has expired and the rental has went up to nearly double the original. So it’s back to the studio for us! The design team complains the walk is further now, but I know they are feeling nostalgic already.

50 Saunders Road, Singapore 228280

(Our contact details remain the same)

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