We Have Moved

After a few days of seemingly endless packing, and integrating two offices and the studio under one unit, we have completed our move. Rather, we completed half our work and are now in the midst of tidying up the various boxes stacked around the corners of our rooms. Our act will be ready by Friday, and judging from the 173 emails in my inbox, we do apologise for the inconvenience caused should you not be able to contact us.

A few shout outs:

Bridal Veil couple Marvin and Grace must be worried about their album for their upcoming Saturday wedding, thank you for waiting and sorry I missed your earlier call!

Right at this moment, Silhouette couple Patrick and Alicia are having their studio shoot. Just yesterday Chris and I spent the night getting the area ready for Eugene’s shoot after the boxes were unloaded. Sorry for the slight mess! Not to mention seeing myself in my casuals lumbering about carrying equipment and whatnot.

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