Celebrating December

December has always been a month of celebrations and festivities, from weddings to Christmas, and Sagitarians, like my designer and I, planning our parties. To contribute to the season of giving, we’re taking away our original cost and passing the savings on to you! The fattest deal in Chris’ bag flies us to Sydney:

Overseas Photography – Sydney
$4500 (UP: $7000), inclusive of album + photographer’s air ticket and accommodation.

For those who wish to have theirs done locally, here are more offers to spoil you for choice:

Photography by Chris Ling, $2000 (UP: $4000)
Inclusive of album + studio photography with 3 outdoor locations

Photography by Eugene Goh, $1180 (UP: $2000)
Inclusive of album + studio photography with 3 outdoor locations

The above promotions will run for the period of December 2008 and photography dates can be scheduled for 2009. Do feel free to contact us should you wish to acquire further details, happy holidays ahead!

  1. Chu Yen says: December 3, 200811:23 pm

    Dear Person-In-Charge

    I am interested to find out more abt the packages above. My customary is on 6 Dec 09 and my wedding dinner will be on 8 Dec 09. Are you available on these days?

    Appreciate if you could send me your packages for pre-wedding shoots.


  2. arvinna lee says: December 4, 20088:05 pm

    Hi Chu-Yen, I’ve emailed the details over already. Do take a look and let me know if you need anything else. Many thanks.

  3. Jasmine Ang says: December 18, 20088:20 pm

    Hi, I just dropped you guys an email with regards to this promo.

    Loooking forward to hearing from you!

  4. arvinna lee says: December 20, 20086:36 pm

    Hi Jasmine, reply has been sent 🙂 Thanks!

  5. Kes says: December 23, 200810:57 pm

    I am interested to find out more abt the packages above. Could you email over the package for pre-wedding and on the actual day itself. Does your package include gown? How many photos are there in the album? Look forward to hearing from you

  6. arvinna lee says: December 27, 200812:53 pm

    Sorry for the late reply, the price list has been sent, Kes. Many thanks!

  7. Wan Hui says: December 29, 200811:53 am

    Hi, i will like to know what does the album package include in details. e.g. the
    Photography by Chris Ling, $2000 (UP: $4000)
    Inclusive of album + studio photography with 3 outdoor locations.
    May i also have your overseas photography details for sydney as well? Does it include gown and make up artiste etc? if not, what lobang you have? thank you and hope to hear from you very soon!

  8. arvinna lee says: December 29, 20086:49 pm

    Hi Wan Hui, I’ve just emailed the details over to you. Thanks and happy new year!

  9. Agnes says: January 1, 20092:32 pm

    Dear Arvinna,

    I visit your studio two weeks ago. Would be appreciate if you can advise on:-

    1) Photography (Chris $2000 and Eugene $1180) includes how many pieces, remaining photos or negative returned to us?
    2) the overseas photography details.
    3) Sign up a package with Ted wu, what is your charges for Eugene?

  10. Alicia says: January 2, 200912:48 am

    Hi, may I know when will the above promo package end?

  11. arvinna lee says: January 2, 20094:05 pm

    Thanks for your call Agnes, hope you had a wonderful new year.

    Alicia, I’m afraid the above promotion has already ended on the 31st of December 09.

    Many thanks and happy new year everyone!

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