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After 16 years specializing in wedding photography, Chris is still one of the most sought after photographers around. Would it be a technical knowledge or simply just the ability to make his couples relax in front of the camera? If you have both, you have a winning formula. He once told me he’s very particular about wanting a picture perfect image, taking care of perspective, lighting directions, body language etc, and it’s not easy to toggle so many details while entertaining his couple so that they would simply relax and not be intimidated. At the end of the day, or 16 years rather, it is the experience he acquired that enabled him to prove to the skeptical couples that photo shoots can be enjoyable and the results still picture perfect.

Many thanks to Jimmy and Jane, they were one of the first couples that secured Chris during his Big 15 Promotion.

  1. Jimmy and Jane says: January 21, 200910:45 pm

    Saw our pics on your blog! Seeing the pics that Chris took for us reminded us of how much fun we have during the whole shooting period!

    Before we sign-up the package, I browse through Chris works thru this website & blog and also at his studio. I find that he has an eye for details and able to capture people at a PERFECT angel. I thought Chris has a talent!

    And I was right! Chris is just so professional! He is fast but at the same time he doesn’t neglect details, he is directive so that we know what to do, he has a sense or humour which makes us feel so comfortable and somehow, we can laugh all day long …. which is so amazing! And with his great confidence in his work, we know that we will be expecting lots of great pictures taken. And we are right! There are so many great ones! And the pictures are great memories for us cos we actually have great experiences throughout and even during photo selection. Chris is so professional, understanding. Frankly, I wish there are more people like him in Singapore – great at his work, and provide consistant good service and mannerism to people. Both Jimmy and I simply feel that all the money spent is all WORTH IT! We are so glad that we have choosen Chris! We are very happy customer!
    Thanks, Chris and Arvinna!

    Jimmy and Jane

  2. Chris Ling says: January 23, 20094:45 pm

    Thanks Jimmy and Jane for your comments, both of you were great couple to photograph, I enjoyed my day with both of you as much as you did.

    A BIG THANK YOU for trusted me so much.

    Chris Ling

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