Geoffrey & Amanda

An experienced photographer will know how to give guidance to the couple, almost all don’t model for a living. That’s where Chris comes in to provide direction and make the shoot a breeze for our clients, resulting in images that would be deemed fit for advertisements (That’s why we have a clause in our contract that states you can’t use our images for commercial purposes or gains).

Cooperation is the key, apart from the bride placing trust in Chris, the groom comes in handy as well. No, he won’t get paid to do the extra work of throwing gown trains and holding veils because Chris still needs to teach him how to master the art of a good flip.

It’s all not by chance, it’s precision training! Geoffrey now gets to take home a skill on how best to fluff a train up and throw it so that it will result in this:

Rather hard work it is, but Amanda loved it and she decided to blow it up as one of her canvases.

A beautiful couple, they are, always lighting up the studio with their energy. It simply makes my day. On a last note, here are the excepts of their wedding day as captured by Eugene:

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